It’s a perfect time for ‘Fika’

I arrived in Sweden on 26th of August earlier this autumn, and ever since I have been living in a rather small city Trollhättan that is located in a Southern Sweden, 30 minutes by train from Gothenburg. The amazing location of Trollhättan was one of the main reasons to apply for studies in Sweden; I knew how crazily easy it was to travel to other Scandinavian countries from there. And that on the other hand was something which fascinated me greatly; to see the different cities so near, but still far enough that I have never travelled to those before.

 And traveling is the thing we have done here a lot – so mission accomplished! Now after three months in Sweden I can just be extremely thankful for all the great adventures.

 What comes to studying here, well that part didn’t go exactly as planned beforehand. As I arrived here and had my introductory lectures, it was clear that I had to change half of the courses, as my previous studies did not give strong enough knowledge base for those. Also the level they require in the exams here in Sweden showed up to be extremely high; our first lectures had always those motivational speeches saying that “more than 60 per cent fail the exam always but don’t worry, you can do as many re-exams as you want”.

Also studying besides the exams have been completely different than we Finns are used to. Here in Sweden everything is all about writing your own reflections of the books you have read and afterwards we have seminars where to discuss about the literature. Challenging and interesting!



20141121_13171020140828_154824 (Since this program didn’t let me add more photos, that’s all you get this time, haha)


One week to go here before it’s time to say goodnight for a moment and celebrate Christmas with my loved ones <3

 Ps. I thought for a moment to make this blog post into a real Christmas edition with only pictures from Christmas markets around Scandinavia but after all that wouldn’t be fair since there wouldn’t be any photos of the Finnish ones?

– Jutta


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