Staying in Brno

čau from Brno!

I’ve been here almost for two months now. Travelling from Finland to Czech Republic was easy and fun. From Prague, I took Student Agency bus to Brno. My buddy was waiting for me at the bus stop in Brno. He helped me to get to accommodation office and my flat. I should mention that the service in Czech republic is a little bit different than Finland. It took me three hours to get the keys and it was so frustrating.

Brno’s Railway Station

Well, I can say that I am enjoying living in Brno now. I have been here now about two and half months. I came here a month before starting of my studies.  I had a trip to Vienna which was worth it. I really liked Vienna. I have travelled a lot during staying here.  We had trip to Znojmo, Olomouc etc.  with Erusmus students which was fun. We also went to Bratislava, Slovakia.

Znojmo Trip
Znojmo Trip

Czech Republic is a country in the heart of Europe. Brno is near to a few capital cities.  Brno is the second biggest city after Prague in Czech Republic. It has almost 400 000 inhabitants.  Brno is the student city.

The Father of Genetic, Mendel
Brno City


There are some things that annoy me about Czech Republic. First of all, Many people don’t speak English here, especially old people. If you ask something then they start talking in Czech language. I dont like the services here, at all. Lots of people smoke here. They smoke almost every where, in the bars, coffees restaurants etc. School foods aren’t healthy here in Brno. You can almost have french fies, hamburgers and pizzas every day at school. On the other hands, I like foods here, especially chinese foods.


Ps. I recommend Brno for those who want to travel and have fun. School is not that good than Finland.


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  1. Staying a month of July in Brno.What is the best way of getting a room/apartment for this period?

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