Coral reef greetings!

Sàwàtdii khà from warm and sunny Thailand. I am now living in nice and calm village called Chalong in Phuket and my life in here is quite peaceful. I am doing my practical training here in Finnish diving company, Raya Divers and atmosphere here is really good!

I have been working in the office with reservations,info meetings and also in excursions during the day. Both sides are really good because you learn something new every day and also learn about the nature. Sometimes if my days last 12 hours in work, it doesn’t feel like working when you can float and swim in the sea with customers and fishes but it is important to be there and see that everything goes well.

Asia was definitely my first option to come to do my practical training because I had dreamed about Asia for three years before. First this scared me but then I was relieved that my dream came true and I can meet local people from different culture and lifestyle. Traffic is different here and faster and also two times one man asked on the move that where are we going and it was little bit funny. Phuket is known about the tourists but right now there is not so many western people on this island. It is really peaceful to notice that even the things might not be really well, people are still really happy every day and smile on their faces. 🙂

Before I came here I didn’t know almost anything about diving but right now I have to say that I did two diving courses and I am certified diver until 30 meters!! Diving will be part of my everyday lifestyle in the future and I will do also more courses. Animals and nature what you see under the water is totally the best thing in the world and everyone should experience that !
This journey have been really good for my life and I have learned from locals to be really calm and peaceful every day.

I will continue my journey around the world and will carry these awesome things with me what I learned during my training!



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