Life, or to be honest, no life in Bemidji, Minnesota, USA

_aEm6kxd1X-_0gh3V3cICM1wimLwK1sS0zXf3DewpDoHello people!

When I saw Bemidji name in my exchange acceptance letter I was pretty sure I am going to Thailand. Few hours later I decided to check where actually that Bemidji is. Imagine my face when I saw a dot in a middle of North America.  Bemidji did not sound American at all and as I put Thailand as my second and third choice I thought that there is where I am going to. However, I did put USA as my first choice but just because everyone was saying that it is almost impossible to get in I was just trying my luck. And, oh boy,  I was the lucky (???) one!

2014-08-27 18.07.26I have been to the States before and I loved it but I have never been in a middle of Minnesota where the closest city is five hours away by car. In the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature. Sounds romantic? Well, at least not for four months.

2014-09-17 06.51.24

Some important things need to be mentioned:

1. Wild night life. Everything close at 1:30-2 AM. Dresscode: Crocks, woolen socks and oversized sports shorts.



2014-08-23 00.37.43

2. Teachers are the ones who phisically are not there. Welcome to the future.

2014-11-06 14.03.08

3. Library is full of booksbut but those you need for your classes you have to buy yourself.

2014-08-25 15.38.20

4. Many rules, like quiet hours, no alcohol on campus.

2014-08-25 12.50.34

5. God is also there and he is in everyone’s heart.


2014-08-23 18.09.16

6. Proper food.   IMAG3432

Do not understand me wrong, I love the States but the things that I love are few hours away by plane from Bemidji.
2014-11-23 23.47.21To sum up, Bemidji itself is a great place to be if you are under aged or someone middle age.

God bless you!


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