Lost in Barcelona, I love it!

Greetings from warm Barcelona! All good here.

Last weekend I went to Plaza Espanya to Montjuic Fountain to see the lightshow.
In the beginning I thought that it’s one of it’s kind, but later I heard that it is arranged every week from thursday to sunday.
The show was great with it’s music and lights. There was a lot of people, and it was really beautiful to sit there on a grass with a group of friends drinking some wine and eating some snacks.


On sunday we went to Holi Color Festival. It was an outdoor event where was live dj, cheap beer and a lot of happy people. The event is free of charge.
The idea of the festival is that everyone should wear white clothes and then you can buy this colourful powder at the festival and thorw it around and on other people’s.
It was amazing. It was one of the best days here.
Though all my clothes that I wore there were ruined by the colours I didn’t care. It was worth it.

Holi Festival
Holi Festival

Not so clean  Holi Festival

Right now is my second week on a community health care center, and its going so good. Though things are sometimes really slow, weird and chaotic over here, I still feel really priveleged to have to opportunity to work in a local hospital and in a community health care. I just love this.

Barceloneta beach.

Somehow my thoughts are on Finland every now and then I still enjoy the last weeks here. I’m going to have it all what it has to offer.

So everything perfect here!

All good.


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