Dobrý den! Greetings from Czech Republic

Dobrý den!

Ahoj and greetings from Brno, Czech Republic. Those greetings are pretty much everything I know about Czech language. Difficult language I must say. Otherwise this country is nice, especially its location in Europe. 😉 Everything is cheap; food, travelling and BEER! Before coming here I didn’t like beer but now unfortunately I like it. 

One of the Easter traditions in Czech Republic
One of the Easter traditions in Czech Republic, to drink green beer.

This time has past so fast that it is hard to even understand. I feel like yesterday was 27th of January and now it’s already May. Anyway there has been so much to do and to see. I have met lot of great people. We have been traveling together for several times in Czech Republic and also in neighboring countries. Traveling is so cheap and there are great destinations so near that it’s easy to just go for a weekend trip without any big travel planning.

A turtle from Olomouc, Czech Republic
Castle, Krakow
Street view of Krakow
Sunset in Krakow
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Znojmo, Czech Republic
Schönbrunn, Vienna
Museum of natural history, Vienna


Apple strudel, Vienna
Castle Veveří, Brno Czech Republic
Castle Veveří, Brno Czech Republic

Local international student club ( ISC Brno) has been very active, several events every week. There have been events from small cultural events, such as ballet and opera, to bigger trip events to near cities in the country. And for once again I have to mention that the prices are low ( at least for Finnish students, sponsored by Kela :b)

 Studying here has felt as a secondary thing but if I have to tell something about school I have to say that Professors are qualified, though there aren’t many lessons per week.

I have to say I miss my cats (my children) in Finland but this creature helped me a bit.

My local cat friend <3
My local cat friend <3

Na shledanou!




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