Greetings from Yorkshire

20/01/2015  Leeds, UK

Time here flies fast. The weather has been better than expected. Leeds has shown me its best sides, even though I feel that many other cities here feel more homey and interesting.

Tate Liverpool, Kirkstal Abbey, Home


Besides my studies I have had time to get to know British and local culture. I have traveled quite a lot and have participated to many cultural events and festivals and seen many exhibitions.

Leeds Light Night Festival, Saltare, Cooking night with friends


Studying fine arts here has been different than back at my home university. The number of students at my year level is as big as the number of students in my whole study programme at home. So there are lot of Arts’ students here. At first the premises felt way too big, but after I realised the amount of students that are sharing them, I noticed that actually there are too many students sharing space.

Leeds Beckett University Library
Leeds Beckett University/ Broadcasting Place – Arts Building


I live alone and I really have enjoyed it a lot. Many thought that I would miss things, events and not get so many friends as I would in shared accomodation. Anyhow the thing is not so. It will be very hard to leave as I have got to know so many people, to whom it will be very hard to say goodbye and only the thought of it feels wierd. This country has proven me some of its stereotypes, but also has shown me something new.

It is nice to live in Britain, at least for a while.


Manchester, Street food festival, Scarborough

Senni Aleksandra




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