Greetings from Breda!

Living in Breda has been a blast. I have met so many people from so many different countries that i can’t even count how many new friends I now have. All of the exchange students live near to each others so we can keep in touch very easily and do everything together. One of the funniest week this spring has been carnival holiday when the whole city got crazy, wore silly clothes and danced and drank on the streets.


Studying in here has been a little hard since the teachers give a lot of homework and expect more than the teachers in Finland. The exams have also been much harder in here. Still, I have enjoyed the studying because I have learned many new working methods and I have had a chance to work with so many different kinds of people.


Even though I have enjoyed living in Breda a lot, I think that five months is plenty enough since Breda is quite a small place. One bonus in this place is that other European countries are so near. I  for example have traveled to Belgium, Germany and Poland with other exchange students. Traveling in here is SO cheap!!

20150207_141104    IMG_0757

Last of all: if you  ever move to the Netherlands the first thing you have to do is  buy a bike!

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