Dogs, beer and beautiful houses

Ahoj! Greetings from Czech Republic and Písek!

I’ve been here now almost two months. Písek is a small town located in South Bohemia. It has been quite different kind of place that I though. Everything is very idyllic, small and beautiful but in the other hand there is not much to do and not so much young people. Anyway I’ve been enjoying my exchange. It’s actually a perfect place to have a filmschool. There is lot of different kind of places to shoot films.



Czech Republic is a great place for students. Food is cheap, beer is very cheap and everything is near, other countries and cities. I actually didn’t save any money for this exchange. Of course a little bit, but not like many tousand euros and it hasn’t been any problem. It is very cheap eat outside. One meal is something between 2,50 and 6 euros and beer is 1 euro. I feel like a queen being here.

We have been doing very nice things. Last weekend we were visiting my classmates familys horsefarm. It was amazing. There was a some kind of pork fest and the whole town had gathered to same place. It was really nice to see real czech culture very closely even though I’m a vegetarian and it was party with lot of meat.


I’ve been a lot with my finnish friend. We live in a same room and we are almost all the time together. It has been a very good thing in my opinion. Without her I would have been very lonely. We have only two international film students doing a bachelor with us and two masters. One of the bachelors doesn’t even live in Písek. So we are a very little group.

Almost everyone from our school lives in Prague, so it is actually impossible to get to know people. Also people in pubs are quite hard to get to know because in such small place people don’t need English so they can’t speak it and our Czech skills are horrible. That’s a shame but you can practise your bodylanguage haha!




I think the best thing on Písek and Czech Republic is the nature and animal. Almost everyone has a dog. Our landlord also has one and I just love animals!

Nature is wonderfull. We live next to one quite big hill and there is lot of different kind of places to go. There is water, hills, rocks and trees. I really enjoy being in nature after school. Body and soul has time to rest and breath.

Here is my favourite dog. He lives my way to a hypermarket.

I recommend Czech Republic to everyone and Písek is a lovely place. If you want to get a great party experience and meet lot of student you should go to Prague or Brno. If you love nature and slow life, come to Písek. This was the right chose for me!

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