Leeds, United Kingdom

 Greetings from Leeds!

When I first came to Leeds the number of people felt a bit overwhelming but now I can say that I’m quite used to it. There are so many students in here it’s insane! I have 20 people in my class in Finland and in here the number is 80. But it also shows. There isn’t really a feeling of a community among the fine art students. Studying is really independent in here which is actually refreshing. I have also enjoyed very much the lecture series that I’ve been attending to in here. In general the facilities in Leeds Beckett University are great but rather small. At least with the fine art course.


 The night life is also something worth to experience. I would recommend places like The Headrow House and The Belgrave Music Hall. The atmosphere is really nice in both of them and the prices aren’t too bad either.


Few weeks ago I went to this hiking trip to Ilkley Moor with one of my housemates. It’s a place a bit further away from Leeds so we had to take a 40 minutes bus drive to get there. Even though it was raining the whole time and at the end we were soaked trough it was all worth it. The view was stunning and we also saw few sheep.

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