Back in Netherlands

It’s been 12 years since my first visit to Netherlands and since then i have been travelling just about every corner of the country during my trips around Western Europe, since my travels usually are more focused on far east and Asia, it was a good idea to choose Netherlands as exchange country since i already knew that i would like it in here.

Zwolle is a relatively small city, but i really don’t like big cities anyway so it’s pretty much perfect in size. After seeing and travelling the major big cities around the world you really come to appreciate smaller places and the access to nature.

Studying here is just about what i expected and it’s been good experience so far. Since i don’t have that much of course going on currently in the uni, i started my training to graduate as a scuba diving instructor in a local dive center and career development school. It’s going well so far and i expect to graduate in december.



Day for fundives at Wythmenerplas, Zwolle

Here in the pic above me and my Finnish friend were doing some fundives in a local lake Withmenerplas, just outside Zwolle

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