Bettering brand images in Madrid

Greetings from sunny Madrid, where a glass of wine costs less than a mango in Finland, people must be the fastest speakers in the world and no one ever seems to be unhappy!

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I couldn’t be happier about my stay in Spain. Believe it or not, I have learned the true meaning of hard work during my time in Madrid. I landed an interesting job in a country branding company, where I was responsible for the organizations Public Relations as well as later also Media and Communications. The field of nation branding is extremely fascinating as it differs a bit from traditional branding, and I was lucky enough to get a front seat view in one of the leading companies in the world. The DNA of the company is quite young, vibrant and enthusiastic, so I fit right in. My regular days have been quite hectic and busy, but it is the way I enjoy working and it has definitely taught me a lot about time and project management.


In other terms, the capital of Spain has been quite wonderful to me. The spanish lifestyle is easy to love: people enjoy their life on the streets, sharing a plate of tapas and drinks with co-workers after work. Madrid offers something new to see and experience for every day of the week. The city if filled with beautiful parks and green areas and each corner of a street has cute little cafes and restaurants. I have absolutely loved the life here. Madrid is definitely a city where I could see myself working and living in the future, too.



Kisses from Spain! xx

Oona Vitikainen

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