Greeting from Munich, Germany!

Hello! Everyone!

The greeting comes from Munich, Germany. Time is flying and I have stayed at this beautiful city almost one semester. Every day in here is full of surprise and freshness for me.


Munich locates in South of Germany and is the third largest cities in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. But the rent in Munich is the most expensive in Germany. I did not get a place from student union, so I needed to find a place by myself. That was the only bad thing.

Oktoberfest must be the most famous carnival in Munich, which took place from the end of September to the beginning of October. I was lucky to join in this carnival. At that time, Germans always wore their traditional Bavarian clothes Dirndl and Lederhosen. The tourists who came from all around the world always came here to drink German beer and ate traditional bread Brezel.


In addition to Oktoberfest, Christmas market in Munich also left me a deep impression. There were several sub-Christmas markets in different areas and the biggest one located in Marienplatz. Different shops had various kinds of merchandise. They had special Glühwien for Christmas when Finland had Glögi.

Christmas Market

When it comes to study, it has gone quite well. The biggest difference between German UAS and Finnish UAS  for me is that German required students have more self-study.

This exchange must be one of the best experiences in my life. I believe I must miss here when I back to Finland!

Beste Grüße!

Yi Cai from Munich, Germany

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