Greetings from Portsmouth, the city of sailors!

Greeting from Portsmouth, city on the south coast of England! It is beautiful and the most densely populated city in the UK. Portsmouth has very interesting history and it was one of the most fortified cities in the world. I have enjoyed my time here very much but I am happy to come home soon from this windy and rainy place.

Spinnaker Tower
Beach of the South Sea

I did my exchange in the Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth. The teachers were really interesting and had amazing life experiences for example one of our lectures was part of opening the first university on a small developing country in Asia. Students also got personal assistance in course work which was really helpful. I had a change to work in really international groups where every student was originally from different countries. I was also part of International Day where I was talking about Finland and our school to local student who are thinking going to exchange. Ps. I am still not used to the fact that they have a bar in Student Union 😀

Table of Finland in the International Day
Main Building of Portsmouth Business School

I was staying in private housing and sharing an apartment with four other people which was more fun that I expected. I also got lot of new friends from all over the world, mainly other exchange students. People here are really friendly and helpful which was great especially in the first weeks when I was completely lost. University offered trips to near cities like Cambridge and Oxford which was one of highlights of my trip. I also joined Cinema Club which is organizing trip to Harry Potter Studio in London in the end of the April. I can’t wait! Portsmouth is also only 90 minute train ride from London so I did couple of trips there.

My home street
St. Patrick’s Day

Life in Portsmouth has been so far more than I expected. I have already learned a lot new things especially also about myself. Time here has gone so fast but I am still happy to go home in two months back to my “real life” in Finland.

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