Greetings from Salford!

Greetings from Salford! I have been here in the UK a little bit over 2 months now. Time has gone by so fast! Only 4 more weeks and I`m flying back to Finland.


I´m  studying nursing and my first placement here was with the District nurses. I worked with them for 4 weeks. Everyone was really nice and I really felt like part of the team. Now I`m doing my second placement in a big hospital. I have been a little disappointed at how little the student here get to do at their placements – we mostly just observe which is a bit boring sometimes. I work 12,5 hours a day/three times a week which gives me a lot of free time!


On my time off I usually do something with the other Erasmus students. I have also been traveling during the weekends.  So far I have visited London, Chester, Liverpool and The Lake District.


There are so many places I`d  still love to explore but because time is running out!  I`ll have to choose which ones I want to explore the most…

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