Hallo aus Heilbronn!

Christmas holidays are coming up soon so this is a great opportunity to reflect on my time here in Heilbronn, which is located in the southern part of Germany. I’m flying back to Finland for three weeks and then coming back to do my exams. The exam period lasts for about a month, but I only a few exams so I will a lot of free time on my hands. I’m planning on visiting as many places as I can around Europe. The central European location on Heilbronn definitely has its benefits, there are many different and affordable modes of transport to choose from, even though the city itself is not that big. Trains and buses can get you quite far and there are airports in Stuttgart and Frankfurt, just around the corner.

I’m studying business and transport here and the courses are fairly similar to those at TAMK. The amount of work is also divided quite similarly. One minute you don’t have anything to do, the next minute you have tons of projects and group works to juggle. The biggest difference is the credit points. Most of my courses here are worth 2,5 credit points even though the work load is the same as 5 credit point courses at TAMK, which is makes no sense. I’ve talked with some German students and they’ve agreed that the credit point system is really weird.

It took a while to get used to the new environment here, but now that I’ve settled in nicely, the everyday living doesn’t differ that much Finland. I just don’t understand what people are talking about around me. I speak German, but in this area most of the people speak the Schwäbisch dialect and it sounds quite different to basic German. Other than that, I have no complaints, food and alcohol are cheap.

I haven’t taken a lot of pictures, so these will have to do.

This is from my first day walking to school
I'm on a bridge
I’m on a bridge
The town hall
The town hall
Heilbronn is known for its wine. Those hills in the distance are full of grapevines
Heilbronn is known for its wine. Those hills in the distance are full of grapevines

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