Feasgar math! Good Afternoon!

Hello from Scotland!

Scotland is a place filled with history and breathtaking landscapes. Especially, the highlands are very beautiful. At first it felt weird that we studied landscape design in forestry. Forests in the hills must look natural. In Finland we don’t study landscape design that much because Finland is a rather flat country apart from Lapland. Tourism is very important in Scotland and that’s one reason why it’s important that the landscapes are easy on the eye.

Isle of Lewis and Harris

At the University of Highlands and Island I have to write several big reports and essays. In Finland we have many smaller tasks instead of long essays. I am studying recreational use of forests, urban woodlands, climate change, forest design and forest protection. It has been cool to see some of the tallest trees in Europe. Douglas fir in Reelig Glen Forest is 66.4 metres tall, for example.

Culloden Battlefield

The Callanish Stones

The culture in Scotland is rich and visiting the historical sites has been an amazing way to spend my spare time. I have travelled to islands like Skye and Isle of Lewis and Harris. These islands are very curious places because it feels like they form their own little world. The wildlife is fantastic in Scotland. I have seen eagles, shags, deer and seals, for example.

A roe deer in the Culloden Forest

I have met many brilliant people and experienced a lot during my stay in Inverness. It’s been a great fun!




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