Working in Germany

Greetings from Germany, Stuttgart

I am currently doing my internship here in Stuttgart in a company called Jago Ag which is an online shop. Sales and marketing is the area where I am focused in and my job is quite versatile and interesting. Germany is not called a hard working country for no reason. You can see that it is hard embedded in the culture here. My work consists of quite a lot of excel related work but the range of tasks is quite diverse. I also get to translate product descriptions from German to Finnish which is quite nice.

Excel excel and more excel
Excel excel and more excel

Doing an internship is definitely different than being in an exchange. You have clear schedule and rhythm. Outside of work I go to the gym and hang out with my flat mates. I’ve had the change to meet friends from my exchange who live here in Germany. I have traveled around a bit for example I went to Aschaffenburg to see my friends and my plan is to visit Frankfurt as well. Weather here is quite warm (which is surprising) so I’ve got to enjoy it as well. And obviously the beer. German beer is possibly the best in the world but I’ve kept the consumption in a normal level.

Drink German beer. It's good.
Drink German beer. It’s good.

Germany and Finland are quite the same instead of the obvious fact that here are lot more people.  As a Finn if you come here you won’t be experiencing a culture shock. People in general are the same. We have the same mentality and same way of thinking but Germans are definitely more social.  Working culture here is a bit more strict and Germans really do work a lot. I would say that Germans are more determined to work and they work even a bit harder than Finnish people.


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