Hilsen fra Norge!

I have been busy getting to know the city better and all the people around me, at my school and neighbourhood. How lovely city Oslo is! Balance between beautiful old buildings and modern architecture, the sea, the nature nearby, but still the feeling of quite a big city. I love to live almost in the city centre and having all things near me just a few minutes’ walk away!

My school is nice and cosy, as it is quite small. There are many talented students and good teachers, I think! It has been nice to notice that my Norwegian skills improve day by day. I am glad that I had the courage to use the local language since the first day here. The studies have been quite similar to the ones at my school in Finland. I have been playing in orchestra periods and chamber music with other students. I have had my private cello lessons, and I have also been in classes with all the other cellists. In lectures I understand the language more and more. We even arranged our own festival called Fagerborgfestspillene! And one of the biggest advantages we have here is that there are enough classrooms for practicing at our school, yay!

The 17th of May was a great experience in Oslo! The whole city full of people, music and joy! “Hip, hip, hurra!”

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