Sawadee khrap!

Greetings from Thailand!

What a journey this has been! Before I left to Thailand I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know much about how my exchange is going to be but now I have to be honest and say that I was very lucky to get here! Even thought all of the planned courses was not available the courses which I took turned out to be excellent for me. Studying here is more intensive than in Finland. Local students start in the morning at the uni and after school they might continue studying at the library. This is usual before exams when many students sleep at the library! Never seen this before.  But after all level of education is great and professors are professional!

During spare time we have traveled a lot with my roommate. It is very easy and cheap in south-east Asia so we have visited in almost all neighbour countries and after our midterm exams we went to Korea and Japan. In Korea we met other exchange students from TAMK and we had group of almost 10 Finns there! We had a ball during that time. We also had field trip to Kanchanaburi with my classmates and it was very nice. We planted trees to the jungle and we built a little dam there. In the evening we had party. I would like to see this kind of charity trips in Finland too

As I said the studying culture in Ton for that. It is not usual to re-take exams so you have to pass with first attempt. You really don’t want to waste your tuition fees for F grades. It is a good motivator but sometimes studying takes big part of your day.


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