Greetings from Shanghai!

I have been in Shanghai for three weeks now. Shanghai is one of the biggest city in the world and I really have been enjoying my stay! I have had a lot of time to explore around SH. I have visited many beautiful places like Qibao Old Town, Tianzifang, Xinchang and Gucun Park. You can find some pictures from my first weeks below!


I am studying at Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Sciences. I have attended the courses, such as, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tai Ji, Herbs and Spoken Chinese at school. I have also participated in CT-class with local students. Group size here is 60 students whereas in Finland it is half less. The study rooms are large and there is much more training facilities than in Finland.

From Monday to Wednesday I am working at Zhoupu Hospital which is located about twenty minutes’ walk from the University.
At the hospital I have noticed many differences to Finland. I think the biggest difference is the number of patients. In Finland, there is more time for one x-ray examination and you really have chance to work calmly and talk with the patients. In addition, there are some differences with ergonomic and hygiene rules compared to Finland. But there are lots of similarities also. Imaging machines are same I have used to use before and patients positioning is pretty similar I have learned in Finland.

The people have all been so friendly and welcoming, I’m grateful to be here and happy that I have a lot of time left!

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