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Copenhagen calling!


I’ve been living in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark for over a month now. My internship will last three months in total and I’m doing it in a small hotel near to the city center. During the first month I have learned so much and have been in my uncomfortable zone almost every day: not only trying to survive with my very, very bad Danish but also trying to speak Swedish with my colleagues. However, it has been a very instructive journey so far.



Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

Luckily not every day is a work day. I have had time to meet friends and live Copenhagen life. I have got to know smørrebrød and bikes quite well. Copenhagen is a very beautiful, Scandinavian city and people are very helpful. It is a very international city and the lifestyle is  very easy-going. It still is summer in Copenhagen but the evenings are getting darker and colder all the time. Luckily there is always something going on in Copenhagen so it is easy to find different happenings around the city even if the summer is almost over.


Tivoli, Copenhagen



All in all it has been a very good experience and the weeks are just flying by. I will miss Copenhagen so much when this ends, but to be honest I can’t wait to get back home.

Amsterdam calling!

Hi everyone, this is Amsterdam calling!

This place feels like home. It has felt for the whole right from the beginning. Time is just flying by but I’m enjoying every moment.


Studying is going great. We just had the first exam week this week. We only had one very big exam, which we had to study for. Beside that we had some projects of course. We have eight exchange students and 21 Dutch students in our class. Such nice people! And it is a good way to get to know local people. On Monday we will start Unit 2. I can’t believe it’s the halfway already.


I’m living in a student apartment and I’ve made such good friends here. There is always someone to talk to, go to the gym with, do homework with etc. And if I want to be alone, I just come into my room. It’s a very nice way of living.
Everything has been very well-organized for exchange students in here. But I heard it is like that everywhere in Holland. Beside that Dutch people speak fluent English so it is super easy to get help if needed!


We have every Monday and Wednesday off from school, which is great so that we have time to do everything else too. Since I’m an exchange student, I want to go and see as much as possible. I have explored Amsterdam quite well but there’s still a lot to see. I also visited Rotterdam and some other smaller cities in the Netherlands. I also visited Disneyland Paris and next weekend I’m heading to Berlin with a friend. This is a very good chance to experience as much as possible!


I love the Netherlands and especially Amsterdam. It is a very open-minded city and it has been very easy to fit in. Luckily I still have a couple of months left to enjoy my time here.