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Jo napot kivanok!

Dear blog reader,

It’s already December and I’m about to finish my Erasmus- exchange here in Budapest – city of rock ‘n’ roll as we echange students are used to say.

By my point of view, my exchange began at fancy cruise on river Danube. I saw there all of the student who had came here for a semester or a whole year to study hospitality and commerce and create network all around Europe and a world.

At Cruise we got valuable information about cources tailored for Erasmus- students, like Hungarian language and history. Because I would like to know as much as I can about new country I’m living at next semester, I chose them both.


After two week of studying we got possibility to join for business simulator at Tatabanya, located about 80 km from Budapest. By simulating process, we got to know, whatkind is to run a bisuness. How much one can produce with a certain amount of machines, how much have to invest for marketing and how to be aware with competitors. After simulation we had to write a report, where we told motivators for our decisions in certain occasions.


After simulation week we begun with everyday work at BGF. My major is Hospitality Management and catering industry, but here I chose some lectures about Accounting and Finance, because I think those subjects may help me in my future career. Accounting is quite complicated sometimes, but I have found Finance easy. The most interesthing subject is Human Resource Management. The lecturer has 40 years experience on it and he teaches very enthousiastically. I really enjoy to attend for his lectures!

Here at my school, a brand new tutoring program, BGF Buddies- took their place. They have arraged lots of programs, where we get city known. Buddies have helped me in every problem which I have faced during my stay. For example, they took me to doctor, when I needed it. Buddies are so enthousiastic and they want to know lots of people from various countries. I wish I could meet them again after exchange.



Akkurat Norge!

Dear blog- reader,

After a couple of weeks I’ll land back to Finland from my memorable practical training from Mandal, Norway. Mandal is located in Southern- Norway, nearby Kristiansand. Here in Mandal, I work at a marine- styled restaurant of this leisure center named “Marianen” .

My duty at Marianen begun on May. Before restaurant could be opened for customers place have to be cleaned, ingredients had to be purchased and crew quided to their duties. Thanks to my former experience and my level of education I got an opportunity to teach new workers and say my opinion before recruitement.

Shores of restaurant are similar with shores in my home coutry, but I have took part into creating shift- list, work quidance and beer brewing. Quess, which one is my favourite :). Customers loved the product and we had to brew more due to demand.

Working days are sometimes long, but I have enforced me by chatting with my new friends whom I have met here.

Cottages at Tregde Ferie.
Cottages at Tregde Ferie.


Brewing our beer for selling.