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Greetings from Ireland!

Hello from the green Ireland!

It has been about three months since I´ve arrived to Ireland. It wasn´t  that big culture shock to come here because the culture is quite same comparing to Finland. Time has gone by so fast and soon it is time to go back to home.

I had some concerns about the lectures here. I was afraid that the teachers would speak too fast and with a strong accent so that I wouldn´t   understand anything, but luckily that wasn´t the case. Lessons are easy to follow and there hasn´t been any problems with the school for me.

I have traveled a bit around Ireland. I have visited Dublin few times already, Killkenny (we went to see horse race), Galway, Ennis, Clifs of Mohar and some other places. There is still much left to see and me and my friends are planning to go visit at least  some places in the Northern Ireland (most likely Belfast is one of them). There is also a surfing trip to the South of Ireland.


Cheap, Cheaper Bulgaria!

I´m enjoying my time here. Even though the city where I`m staying is quite small, there is still much to see. At first it was a bit shock for me to realize I would be living in so small city where is nothing to do. Or that´s what I first thought. The fact is you just have to go and wonder around the city and you will see all the amazing places this city has to offer. And if you get bored with one city just travel to another. Traveling and actually everything here is really cheap compared to Finnish prices.


Four Horse Men -statue, Veliko Tarnovo

Here is this one saying;” In Veliko Tarnovo there is only two ways to go. One is up and the other is down.” After spending two weeks here I realized why they have this saying. There is really few places where you don´t have to go up the stairs or a hill (of course the way back it is downhill).



St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo

Studying here has been interesting experience. None of the stuff working in the University speaks English and from the professors only few speak English. So figuring out all the classes and courses has been a big challenge and slow process. But luckily I have awesome mentors here, who help me every time I have problems with something.


Weather is finally getting better. Sun is shining and the degrees are around 20. Locals call it spring, I call it summer.

Greetings from sunny Bulgaria!