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Practical Training in the Czech Republic

After a longer time abroad, having studied in Finland and Austria, I decided to visit my home country again. I have always liked mountains. That’s why I completed my study exchange in Austria and even though I didn’t get a training position in there, I was happy enough to acquire a place in the Czech mountains. Our mountains are smaller than the Alps (the highest one is “only” 1602 m above sea level), nevertheless, they are a beautiful, clean and often cold environment.

I am working in a small town called Vysoké nad Jizerou for one family-owned company offering accommodation. It is nice and diverse work. I am helping the owners with promoting themselves online, currently renovating their website, taking and uploading new pictures, communicating with some partners and any other administration that is needed.


Since I started working in March, it has been more of a spring/summer season so far. Spring in the mountains starts a bit later than in the lowlands and naturally is also a bit colder. However, we have had some nice (partly) sunny days here already!

Czech mountains - view Czech mountais - terrace view

In my free time, I have been visiting my friends and family in Prague as well as friends in Austria I made during my exchange semester. In the end of the winter, I also went to watch some of the final races in biathlon of this season. It was located in the north, close to the so called Giant Mountains where I am working. Even though there was no more natural snow, it was still quite cold. However, many people came to see the stars of Czech biathlon, a sport which is becoming increasingly more popular here every year.


I have still some weeks left here and soon it is going to be the time of the year when many people escape the hot summer in cities to cool down in the mountains. It is also in the middle of summer when the town celebrates its founding (more than 500 years ago!) to which I am really looking forward!

Austria: country for nature and history lovers

I have spent a little bit over 3 months in a beautiful small town called Krems in Lower Austria, situated next to Danube river. It is located about 70 km west from Vienna and 270 km east of Salzburg. The town itself is rather small, it has only about 24 000 inhabitants and everything is in walking distance. There is no need for using buses or cars because you can get anywhere on foot or by bike!


Founded even before 1000, Krems is a very historic town. On almost every step, you pass by beautiful old buildings and churches. Also our school, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, is located in a building belonging  to Piaristen church. Some of the classrooms are even in former wine cellars.

The most famous building in the town is Steiner Tor, which is this gate located in the historic centre. The main street of the old town beggins from here.

Krems - Steiner Tor

This area is famous for its vineyards as well. Above the town, there is a hill with vineyards where you can walk and see a view of the whole town and also Danube river.

Krems 3

I have been staying in a student hostel (or dorm), which is very high quality standard compared to some other student facilities in Europe. We have single rooms in 2 rooms flats and common kitchen. There is also sauna, gym and music room. Living here is very comfortable and I have met really great friends here in the dorm!

Our school is one of the top quality schools in Austria and has the best student satisfaction. The school environment is a bit more formal than in Finland but still it remains really friendly and the teachers appreciate some interractions and dialogues during classes. The student life is also very nice and friendly. Since Krems is rather small, you have a feeling of closeness and it’s not a problem to meet new people and make close friends.

Many student trips are organized for us here. However, I only participated in two of them. The first one in the very beginning to surrounding Wachau valley – visiting nearby towns Dürnstein and Melk:


The second trip I participated in was a skiing weekend in Kaprun in the Alps! Austria is a great country for mountain and skiing/snowboarding lovers. The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere so peaceful up in the mountains, up to 3000 m above sea level.


If you like nature and history, come to Austria, you are not going to regret!