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Salut à tous!


Greetings from Lyon, the third largest city of France. After 2 months I’m in love with this place. The city is beautiful with two rivers crossing it, people are friendly and food is delicious. At first it was a bit confusing there can still be young people who don’t speak English at all – not one word.  But when in France, body language helps a lot when words end and at least when you start the conversation in French. People try even to teach me their language in grocery stores and in bakeries. And btw, croissants and baguettes are the best ones ever…

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Korean dinner party 

I’m staying in a family, and they are just amazing, welcoming, warm and open-minded. So because of them I’ve been able to, for example, taste the traditional cuisine of Lyon, barbecue on sunny days and take riding classes in French. And of course, experiencing the authentic French family living.

Studying at INSEEC is not so different than at TAMK, but the standard of teachers and their teaching methods is really really high. Most of them teach with a large amount of experience and that is something to motivate and inspire.

I’ve been traveling around. Maybe the best moments have been this far skiing in the Alps, the tasting of Beaujolais wine in Pommiers and going on Easter holidays to Nice and renting a car to see the coast from St. Tropez to Portofino.

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If there has to be something to criticize, I’d say the bureaucracy is sometimes driving me crazy. There is a saying among Erasmus students, when something really takes time and is difficult to handle – it’s “the French style”. No hard feelings though. On the other hand it’s just a way of thinking – feels like the French are used to wait and it’s not a big deal if something doesn’t happen right away.  So it has kind of taught me to be more relaxed. Like one Italian guy said, when we tried hurry him to walk faster, that he is just enjoying the life. I loved that comment.

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It has been wonderful to meet people all over the world and learn from them. Something so valuable that it’s hard to understand without experiencing it, you know. 🙂

One more month left!