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안녕하세요 from Seoul, South Korea!

My exchange takes place here in the capital city of South Korea. It is located in the northwest of South Korea, on the Han River. Seoul has around 25 million inhabitants, so little bit more than we are use to here in Tampere. I live in the dorms at the Konkuk University campus (biggest mistake ever).

IMG_3531#2South Korea’s terrain is mostly mountainous and the lowlands are primarily located in the west and southeast. Most spectacular attractions in nature were shield volcano called 한라산 (Hallasan) on Jeju island, which was also absolutely amazing, the other one is mountain called 북한산  on the northern periphery of Seoul.

Little bit about my studies in here. Studying here in Konkuk University has been quite relaxed and easy. Have had some difficulties with couple of 북한산my courses due to language barrier, but I have still managed to survive from them in a way or another. So far the level of education has been what I expected.

This exchange period here in South Korea has changed my perspectives completely. I wouldn’t change anything about it and I would do it again in any given time.