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안녕 (Hi) From South Korea

Hello from the city I currently live, Seoul. This is city of 10 millions of people so little odd for guy from Finland. But I like it. Of course first impression was little confused but I think it is normal when you come so different type of place than Tampere. I am definitely coming back here for holidays soon after studies here ends.

When the studies started, here at Soongsil University, it was little troubled to find courses that are similar than engineering studies.  I had to change courses two times and result was that I have only business courses and courses for exchange students. Hopefully the business courses are with the similar topic than engineering stuff in Finland. Earliest morning when I have to go to school is 15.00 and I have lots of evening courses. So I can’t recommend this school for engineering student but still, campus is very nice and city around it. There is many opportunities to do sports and campus area is not too big to go from class to other one opposite side at campus.







Free time we spend mostly partying but also me and my friends have been hiking and went to see temples and graveyard. Graveyard doesn’t sound good place for tourist spot but you can see it from the picture how nice place it is. Near here is couple nice mountains for hiking and other one was little more extreme and I think that was the one that teacher told us not to go to kill your self there. Maybe the best trip to club was the one to Octagon. Famous club and we were there first time. Couple korean girls came to ask us to join them to VIP booth. Free drinks whole night!. And of course, what is the best you can do after nightlife. Go to the spa spend your rest of the night there. When here was longer holiday we went to Busan at south coast of Korea.

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Studying here is mostly learning stuff from the book, but if teacher has been teaching somewhere else, it might be more likely out of the box thinking than read and learn. There is always lots of presentations in every course, same in Finland, but here they don’t mind that much about presenter if he/she read everything from the paper and doesn’t keep eye contact. In Finland is important to understand inside of presentation and remember it rather than read everything from the paper and keep eye contact only with paper. At this moment I have only 10 hours per week of school because one course already ended.

Have Fun!