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Hello from Glasgow, Scotland!

Hello everybody from Glasgow, Scotland! I came to Glasgow, which is the largest city in Scotland at the beginning of 2017 to study the EPS program. That is the European Project Semester. It is mostly working with the real company and doing the project in a team and before it a bit of preparations to it with the help of learning some courses.


But what is about my life here, I can say that there are a lot of events happening at the moment. And I am not talking about the small parties between the students itself. So, you would not be bored at all. During the free time, I am usually going to the gym and it became something really important for me. I am training a lot and I have started long time ago, so I just continued it here. There are a lot of options to go to the main gym in Uni itself or go to one of those, which you can find in the city centre. The prices for gym facilities are cheap and of course, there are student discounts.


Moreover, we have been going to Edinburgh to participate the event, which is called the St Patrick’s Day. The picture is below.


Meanwhile, I was in the football team. We were participating in some competition, where we could win some good prizes. The picture is below.


All, in all, the time in Glasgow is good! The only disadvantage is the weather, which does not suite to everybody. It is always rain with the wind there. Sometimes, there could be some sunny days, but it might happen so rarely. That is why, if you are such a person, who wants some sun during the day, maybe it would be not the best choice for you. However, if you can deal with that problem, Scotland will surprise you a lot.





Hello here. I am going to tell you some of my experiences in studying in Finland. I starting my degree in 2014 in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. That was a nice start of my education as I went straight forward from the high school. I was only 17, when I came here. To my country, I came from Belarus, It was a bit unusual to go to Finland. Usually people are going to Poland, Russian or UK or just stay at home.

The start of studying was nice, I did not have any culture shock, which was really good. That was might be due to the fact that  we had a good introduction at the beginning and the tutors made their work excellent.

During the studying itself there were a lot of projects already, which were good organized and we were forming the teams and everything was pretty nice to work in a team.

Below, you can see some of the pictures, from the labs that we are having, yes, there are a lot of labs have been organized.


The classes are usually in a good way organized I like the timetable. There are not usually some kind of long spaces in between the lessons. Students do no usually need to wait for 3 hours for the next class.

The organization of the brakes is also good. Students can easily decide with the teacher about having a coffee and lunch brakes. And usually the compromise can be found without any problems.

The food is one of the nice topics here as well. The prices are very cheap and if I got it right, the government are paying around 80 percent of the food price for students. The opportunity to take different food. There are some times, when it is a bit crowded, but in a wile, you can start managing your time and found out the perfect time to go there and do not wait long for the food.

Additionally to the studies we do have a brakes in between. As an example, during the last brake I was going with my friends to Lapland. That was a good experience I can say. I got a lot of fun and exercise during that trip. Below, there are some pictures from the trip.



All in all, we had a lot of nice moments there. That is one of the good examples that Finland is not only good at studying, but as well a good opportunity for traveling.



A day in Belarus

Hello everybody! I am here to show you the day of the Belarussian worker in the company called Brest regional committee of Natural Resources and Environmental protection, which is located in Brest, Belarus. I was working there during the summer 2016. Control over protection and use of water resources in Brest region, improving the hydrological state of rivers by establishing of protection zones and work on the survey of springs are the main activities of the sector where I was working in. Mine was water sector, however, there was also air, ground and also trash sectors as well. We were having the office just in the city center and that means if you want to get the space for parking next to the building, you need to come a bit earlier that everybody else.

The day is starting with the planning and giving the instructions from the bosses. After that is done the team (usually) is going somewhere as I had couple of projects going on during the 3 month I was working there. That could be trip to the lake to take the samples or some measurements or to the laboratory for the analysis. We also had some presentations. I remember the moment, when I had a trip to capital of Belarus, Minsk, where our team was giving the presentation about the situation in our region and we have been also listening the other regions as well.

Nobody says NO to lunch, so we had it from 12 till 1 during the day. We were usually having it in the nearest restaurant with my colleagues. And after that coming back to work. The most exiting part was usually during the first part of the day and the second was for making some notes and writing the feedbacks and felling some documents.

All in all, I could say that it was a good experience in the field of Environment and I am happy that I got such possibility to try that on my hands.