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Hot greetings from Kenya!


We have now been in Kenya for 3 weeks and it has really been an adventure! There are seven of us doing a placement in Kenya for Terve Afrikka ry and we are all located in different places according our field of studies and our own interests. There are two of us from TAMK and some other nursing and social services students from other universities of applied sciences. As I will be a public health nurse, I’ve been working in a local health center and I have had a chance to work in child welfare clinic and family planning clinic so far and actually today I started a new placement in antenatal care.  As you can imagine things don’t always go same way than we are used to in Finland, but so far I can honestly say, that I have seen or learnt something new every day and gained knowledge and skills that I can also use in Finland.

DSC_0334 DSC_0379

During our free time we’ve been enjoying hot and sunny weather by the pool and we also did a trip to Maasai Mara national park, where we saw all those animals from the Lion King movie, I am still wondering if the whole trip was just a dream! Kenya is full of beautiful nature, so we are hoping to get a possibility to travel to other national parks as well.

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Of course time abroad is never just a dream and the traffic, getting used to the fact that everything is running late and trying to look for daily items from market has given us a headache but so far I couldn’t be happier and I believe this exchange will be a real dream come true-trip! I am also writing a blog in Finnish, so if you would like to know more about our time in Kenya, please visit Kaiken Maailman Matkoja!


Best wishes, Laura

¡Vale, vale!


Greetings from Benalmádena, which is small city in the Costa Del Sol, Spain. Benalmádena is one of the biggest tourist resorts in Spanish Mediterranean coast and it is one of the sunniest places in Europe (Today we had a first rainy day!). Living here doesn’t have too much to do with Spanish culture, as most of people here are not from Spain, but it seems that also the foreign tourists here have adapted relaxed and easy-going way of living, where it is acceptable to answer “vale” to everything, even if you have no idea what is going on. It has been a great experience so far and I am really looking forward next two months here!


So far I have worked only in one ward in a local international hospital. The hospital is a private hospital, so most of the locals can’t afford to come there. That’s why most of our patients are tourists and I have been able to work with people from more than ten nationalities. All the patients have their private room and specialized doctor and with money you can basically get whatever you want.  In the ward we have had patients with all kind of illnesses, infections and injuries. I have also seen many plastic surgery patients and there are also some children in the ward.

You might think, that if more than half of the patients are not Spanish speaking, the staff would speak English. But no way, we are in Spain, so most of the staff don’t speak English even in a basic level. Luckily there is more than five translators working in the hospital, even two who are working with Finnish patients, so we are able to get help if needed.

In my free time I have studied Spanish, traveled a bit  and enjoyed cheap wine and tapas in local restaurants. Life here is easy-going and slow, in my opinion nothing is done effectively here 😀 Living in Benalmádena is easy for a tourist as you can get service in English everywhere and you can even find some restaurants, bars, hairdressers, health services and shops with Finnish staff. But if you want to challenge yourself, luckily it is only half an hour bus drive to the towns, where no one speaks English and you can get a glimpse of real Spanish lifestyle!