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Dobrý den!

Greetings from Czech Republic, Brno! Coming here was like one dream came true and I don’t regret one second that I came!

At the first week they told me that “You didn’t came here to study you came here to learn”. And that’s true, I think I have learned so much from other students around the world and I have had opportunity to tell some awesome things about Finland too ! !

I have been here now 2,5 months (and 1,5 more still ahead) and every Tuesday we have presentations of nations. At 8th of March it was Finland´s turn to keep the presentation.  Good day, it was snowing (the only day with real snow during my stay here) and we were able to built a snowman! 8)

image5 (2)

The snowman is waiting partypeople in front of the Yacht (the best “club” ever! and just next to our dorms 😉

I have traveled a lot, because Brno is situated in Central Europe with good connections of all surrounding countries. Until now I have visited for example in Prague, Znojmo, Olomouc, Vienna, Krakow, Bratislava and also in skiing centre Červenohorské Sedlo (Cityski organizes nice trips there and to Austria too) and I am planning to go to Budapest, Berlin, Croatia.. It is so cheap to travel from Brno than compared to travelling from Finland…

In Brno they have International Student Club which helps international students during their stay. They organize a lot of trips and recreational activities. So you won’t get bored here! Some of our parties and events we will have during our stay; beer marathon, tramparty, boatparty, student ball, ballet, paintball, water fight, laser game, festival, planetarium and sport activities too.

image6 (1)

                   Picture from our first event: may I introduce you the priest and bitches <3

Czech they don’t have the healthiest food but mostly I like it. Beer is cheap, even cheaper than water. Also everything else is cheaper here compared to Finland. From student canteen you can have meal in 1,6€, and in restaurant proper meal in 3-7€, beer 1€, bus&tram card for 1 month 10€… Rent is about 140€. I am living in Pod Palackého vrchem Residence Hall. The dorms are not the cleanest one but it’s fine for that price ^ ! And I have a cool roommate from Ukraine 🙂 And here is pic of my room:



And something about my studies too; my faculty is next to dorms. I study business and management. Courses are basically okay and teachers speak really good English and one teacher is a big fan of Finland.. 😀 I have free days on Wednesdays and Fridays so it’s not that hard all the time! 😉




Here is also good sport opportunities: gym is ALSO just next to our dorms and a sport hall too; there I play floorball with local students once a week.  Nice place in the summer will be Brno Lake. It was already +20 in the beginning of May!

image1 (1)

                                                                                   Brno Lake  

image2 (1)image4 (1)

On Easter Thursday you can taste green beer and enjoy the city which is actually green too! Even Holy Dildo (aka astronomical clock) is green then ! If you come to Czech Republic you will realize they have a lot of this kind of interesting architecture here… 😉 Local food in the picture; raw meat, and it was sooo good! 😛

So just come here and experience it!

Dobrý den from Czech Republic

Greetings from Czech Republic and it’s beautiful capital city Prague

Before coming here I didn’t know pretty much anything about this country, other than cheap beer and some sights. But now that I’ve already been here quite a long time, I absolutely love this place. Beer is indeed cheap, and really good aswell! Also there is so much to see here so Prague is definitely one of the capitals of Europe.

I’m studying in the Czech Technical University of Prague, which is the best and most valued Technical University in CR. Even though it’s an University, my bachelor studies have been very similar compared to my studies in TAMK. Teaching methods are very similar. Teachers give lectures and there are some final seminar works and tasks you need to complete.  Most of the teachers speak good and understandable English. English language in general among Czechs isn’t that great, which is one of the few things I dislike here. The weather has been nice and sunny here during autumn, so I’m not missing Finnish autumn sleet rain and darkness at all!

I live in a dormitory very close to the campus. It’s called Masarykova Kolej, which is amongst best dormitories. Although the quality of living is low compared to Finnish standards, it’s still a funny experience, rather cheap and you definitely won’t be lonely! It’s very easy for you to get new friends and to meet people around the world.

Jedna pivo prosím

Czech food is rather good and cheap. I usually go out with my friends to have a lunch or  dinner in restaurant. Average meal costs around 5- 7 euros with beer as drink. Beer costs usually around 1- 2 euros, so it’s basicly costs as much as ordered water. Cost of living in general is about half compared to Finland

Also travelling is very cheap, easy and comfortable in CR. The location is great, so it’s more than easy to visit other great European cities close by, such as Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Krakow and so on. For example, bus to Budapest costs 17 euros. I plan to travel here as much as possible.

Here’s some pictures:

Svíčková with dumplings
with bread dumblings

St. Vitus Cathredal in Prague Castle

Old Town Square

View of Budapest


Nature in CR

Thank you for reading and na shledanou!

Greetings from Písek

Ahoj everybody!

It’s been almost two months now since I came to this promised land of cheap beer. I have had the chance to see the actual everyday life of Czech people and be taught by the local professionals of film & tv industry.


Here’s my friend walking down the street of our idyllic small town of 30 000 people living in. Nobody outside the school speaks english here, so we have tried to learn this impossible language. We are also experts in body language now, and all of our problems have been solved without common language. This is something I really like in Czech Republic, people are nice and helpful.


When ordering lunch in school it’s always a surprise what’s going to be on my plate. This is maybe one of the most common dishes in this country: pork, cabbage and bread dumplings. These people really don’t eat anything green here and it’s normal for a professor to drink a beer with lunch.


This picture was taken after few weeks of staying here. There’s me and part of my exchange student friends enjoying the local film festival. It was cool, we got free tickets to all the screenings and stuff.

Besides the special events there’s really not much to do here, but I’ve still enjoyed my stay. Písek has a nice nature so I’ve been exploring it and the school has kept us quite busy. I’m living with a finnish friend so we have done small trips to Prague, Bratislava and London. 


Kisses from me and the horses

xx Meri


Dogs, beer and beautiful houses

Ahoj! Greetings from Czech Republic and Písek!

I’ve been here now almost two months. Písek is a small town located in South Bohemia. It has been quite different kind of place that I though. Everything is very idyllic, small and beautiful but in the other hand there is not much to do and not so much young people. Anyway I’ve been enjoying my exchange. It’s actually a perfect place to have a filmschool. There is lot of different kind of places to shoot films.



Czech Republic is a great place for students. Food is cheap, beer is very cheap and everything is near, other countries and cities. I actually didn’t save any money for this exchange. Of course a little bit, but not like many tousand euros and it hasn’t been any problem. It is very cheap eat outside. One meal is something between 2,50 and 6 euros and beer is 1 euro. I feel like a queen being here.

We have been doing very nice things. Last weekend we were visiting my classmates familys horsefarm. It was amazing. There was a some kind of pork fest and the whole town had gathered to same place. It was really nice to see real czech culture very closely even though I’m a vegetarian and it was party with lot of meat.


I’ve been a lot with my finnish friend. We live in a same room and we are almost all the time together. It has been a very good thing in my opinion. Without her I would have been very lonely. We have only two international film students doing a bachelor with us and two masters. One of the bachelors doesn’t even live in Písek. So we are a very little group.

Almost everyone from our school lives in Prague, so it is actually impossible to get to know people. Also people in pubs are quite hard to get to know because in such small place people don’t need English so they can’t speak it and our Czech skills are horrible. That’s a shame but you can practise your bodylanguage haha!




I think the best thing on Písek and Czech Republic is the nature and animal. Almost everyone has a dog. Our landlord also has one and I just love animals!

Nature is wonderfull. We live next to one quite big hill and there is lot of different kind of places to go. There is water, hills, rocks and trees. I really enjoy being in nature after school. Body and soul has time to rest and breath.

Here is my favourite dog. He lives my way to a hypermarket.

I recommend Czech Republic to everyone and Písek is a lovely place. If you want to get a great party experience and meet lot of student you should go to Prague or Brno. If you love nature and slow life, come to Písek. This was the right chose for me!

Czech Republic – What an amazing basecamp for traveling

On top of the fact that Brno and Czech Republic is to live and study, I noticed that compared to Finland, the possibilities for relatively inexpensive travel and exploring new places are in completely different league. Check that, its pretty much a completely different sport. As Finland is, in terms of travel, pretty close to an island, for a travel oriented person like me, living in a place where you can just take a cheap bus to so many countries so easily, was amazing.

So even tho I loved my time in Brno and I am sure to return, the other travels made pretty much as big of an impression to me during my exchange. Ill share you some photos (from most of the countries, sadly not all):



Brno University of Technology, Pod Palackeho dorms, Kolejni 2, Brno, Czech Republic. The Basecamp.


Znojmo, Czech Republic


Moravian Karst, Czech Republic


Vallachian Kingdom, Czech Republic


One sadly famous area, Poland


Rome, Italy


Vatican City


Lachtal, Austria


Bratislava, Slovakia


Prague, Czech Republic


Dresden, Germany


Plitvitčka jezera national park, Croatia


Brač island, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Šolta island, Croatia


London, United Kingdom


Exchange studies, 100% worth it for all kinds of reason. Take it from a guy who has done it for 3 semesters already, if I only could do more.. 🙂

Magical Moravian Moments


…No I have not turned into a sailor, in case you wondered, it is just the Czech way of saying hi. Remember that cute little cartoon character, the Mole? Well he says it quite a lot and it used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid so… I guess I started learning Czech at a pretty young age!


I  decided to go to Brno, Czech Republic for my Erasmus exchange but I still don’t quite know why or how I ended up choosing this place. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier.

I didn’t know much about the country itself beforehand, and what I did know was pretty much limited to the beer and hockey culture of Czechs. In fact, Czech Republic happened to be THE place to be for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015!

Yeah… That game didn’t go too well for us…
…but at least the beer and the atmosphere were great!



It feels exciting and thrilling to get to explore all the places here and around and to get to know a lot of great new people. I am having so much fun travelling, socializing, spending time with new friends and going to such great events. We even had a tram party with comics theme!

It isn’t all about the fun and games though. I’ve got 30 credits worth of courses at Masaryk University (a little bit ambitious goal, as it turns out). The studies are very much based on theory and most of my courses are focusing on Czech history and  Czech economy. The workload is huge but at least I have learned a lot more about Czech business life than I thought I would.

Czech Republic is a surprisingly similar country to Finland. The people act quite the same way; a wide smile is rare sight and people stare quietly out of the windows at the public transportation. However, czechs are pretty laid back even though they seem hard from the outside! They love to spice up the conversations with sarcastic jokes and are very polite. During the time I’ve spent in Brno… I haven’t even seen a single barfight! Everyone is just having a good time.

Brno is a beautiful, warmhearted, tourist-free city that I would recommend everyone to visit. Prague is fantastic too but there is truly something about this place that makes it feel more welcoming. I know I will be back someday.

Brno from Spilberk castle

I am definitely in love with Brno.

Czechin’ out Brno

The eagle has landed. We are finally here in Czech Republic the country of beer! Should be a nice place for a beer loving Finn to call home.

Cash is king: First culture shock I experienced was to see that my debit card wasn’t going to be used as much as I was used to. Even the rent was paid by cash. It’s really weird how this country which is so fond of regulations is run by cash – although I guess that’s where the accusations of corruption arise from.

The city: Even though Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic it’s not ridden with tourists which makes it a nice change from Prague. It is also a lot more cheaper than the capitol. The public transport works perfectly and the people seem to be relaxed. Brno has their own historical figures and monuments such as the disliked clock in the center of the city and the Brno dragon.

Brno dragon

School: Our Business Faculty is right next to the dorms so going to classes is easy. The teaching methods don’t seem to differ much from the Finnish way even though this time I’m in a university. The school building is modern and clean so it is a nice place study at. The rules for computer labs are crazy strict so I had to order a laptop for myself.

Computer lab with strict rules. Cellphones were to be turned off. No jackets, no bags, no food or drinks.

Food & Drinks: Wow do I love the beer and food culture here! Almost every restaurant has a 2-3 course lunch menu ranging from 3 to 4 euros. Beer is an everyday beverage and you can see Czech students having a beer in the morning before their classes. There are local breweries and some restaurants brew their own beer.  Also Brno being in Southern-Moravia we are in wine country so locally made white wine can be bought at any kiosk. Czech cuisine is really salty by default and the portion sizes are laaaaaarge. Also food can be ordered in every pub which makes eating out easy as breeze.

Pig’s knee. By far the biggest portion I’ve ever received in a restaurant
DSC_0090 (2)
Green beer brewed just for Easter celebrations


Wine tasting in Znojmo. Close to Austrian border.

Travel: Brno has an amazing location and its bus connections are among the best. It’s really easy to travel to almost anywhere in Europe. To Vienna it takes around 2h!

Cesky Krumlov



Ahoj from Czech Republic!

Hello from Czech Republic and especially from Brno,

Česká aka Czech Republic is a great country. I really didn´t know lot of things about this place before coming here but this trip has been full of surprises. For example, I was expecting a lot warmer(It´s snowing) weather than it is right now, but I also believe that It´s going to be better.

Studying is in my opinion quite different than in TAMK because this is university, so they have bit more theoretical approach in teaching. But teachers are very understanding about students knowing level and adjust teaching with that.

At first I thought that Brno isn´t that big city, but now after few weeks I have noticed that you can find pretty much anything around this city. There is lot of great restaurants and bars with wide range of different themes. Of course those traditional ones are the best ones.

The Strahov Monastic Brewery (Klasterni Pivovar) in Prague
Dinner in Brno with local beer.

“Local international student club organize lot of ‘almost all-inclusive trips’ around the nearby areas.”

If you like traveling, you should come here. Here is few reasons:

Brno – Bratislava, 130km, 8€ by bus

Brno – Vienna, 133km, 8€ by bus

Brno – Berlin, 554km, 25€ by bus

Brno – Venice, 733km, 50€ by bus

Also there is Poland, Hungary, Croatia and so on….  So now I think there is no question about perfect location in the middle of Europe. If you wanna travel by bus you should definitely check out this company:  Student agency. Also local international student club organize lot of “almost all-inclusive trips” around the nearby areas.

Auschwitz birkenau II
Cave near Brno
Näyttökuva 2015-09-07 kello 14.14.28
St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican


Na zdraví! From Brno

Greetings from Czech Republic

First thing I was shocked in Czech Republic was that this country is really rolling by cash!!! It’s 2015 and still you can’t survive here with only credit card. For example I have to pay my rent by CASH, add value on my student card by CASH or pay the dinner in restaurant by CASH. But that is not a problem it is just a thing I have get used to. Any case it quite nice to carry several thousands of money with you, feel like I’m much richer than I actually am.

Studying is also very different than in Finland, or actually I think that it just feel like that. Our lectures are always behind the locked doors and we don’t have access there without we are calling to the teacher or he come open the door for us. And I don’t mean only class room doors. All the locals keep telling that they are not like southern Europeans. If lecture start 9 o’clock it really starts then. But if I comparing Czech people to Finnish people or Southern Europeans I think they are somewhere between. There is only on teacher who is on time.

Local Black clock what local are hating. Not suprised, it might look like something totally different…

Otherwise studuying is easy in here. Our schedule is quite lazy and feels like Finnish knowledge level is high. I think that most of the topics are basic ones that we have had in Tamk already in first year. Of course always there is something small new things that is good to know.

Location, location, locations. Brno’s location is very good. It’s actually very easy to travel from there by train, by bus or rent a car (they are very cheap). For example to Poland is very easy to get. I have been there twice, first time we rent a car and went to see Aushcwitz and Krakow. Second time we used train and a bus and went to Katowice. Also I have already been in Vienna which is only 1,5h by bus from Brno

From the square of Krakow
Bunk bed from Aushcwitz

Beer, beer, absinthe, beer. Czech Republic is very well known from beers. And actually coolest thing so far was the green beer. It’s served only one day in a year but then you can get it from almost everywhere. I haven’t ever drinks this much beer than I have in here. One big reason is because it’s cheaper than water in restaurants. 0,25l water cost about 1€ or you can have 0,5l beer at same amount!!!

Green beer was weird but the taste was just like a normal beer




Welcome to Pragadise

It has been little over a month since I arrived in Prague and I’ve seen a lot already! Prague is a stunning city and here is plenty to do, I feel that this one semester is not going to be enough to see everything I want. I have made very good friends already, especially with a few german and spanish chaps, with whom I made a trip to Poland a couple of weeks ago. I have also been at two hiking trips, both inside the Czech borders. Also I have already visited  Finland again for a weekend, because a close friend of mine got married.

I managed to get quite good courses at the university, and teachers here speak (mostly) good English. Some problems I have faced at Economics’ classes, because it is a hard subject for me, even in Finnish, and teacher speaks English with a very strong accent. But I think (or I hope) I will cope with that course also.

I live at the Uni’s dormitory and I share an apartment with a Finnish, a Spanish, a Belgian and a Hungarian student. Although it is a little cramped sometimes, we haven’t had any problems with the space and I am very lucky to have such great roommates. And there is no chance to ever feel lonely.

Me at a hiking trip in the National Park Sumava in the Czech Republic.
Me at a hiking trip in the National Park Sumava in the Czech Republic.