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Greetings from Madrid

A week ago I came back to Finland from my amazing trip to Madrid. The past few months have been great. I have met lots of fun and interesting people and I really enjoyed Madrid and its beautiful neighborhoods.  Most of the time in Madrid I hung out with my roo20161007_181947m mates because I was very lucky to have a really fun group of people living in my flat. We explored Madrid together and went hiking and did kinds of stuff.15250920_10154894549096661_6036998902250316147_o

One of the best travels was our road trip in December with three of my friends. We rented a car from Madrid and drove to Granada-Malaga-Gibraltar-Seville and back to Madrid.


A day trip to Cercedillas was a fun trip with my two dutch an one American friend. We hiked for 6 hours.


Studying in Madrid at Rey Juan Carlos University was more work than I expected. We did lots of group works and presentations and sometimes it felt that they took too much time. On the other hand I worked in groups with local people from Madrid and other Erasmus students so It was also fun to experience working in such international groups. All my classes were taught in English and I was pleasantly surprised how good English the teachers spoke. The university was 30 minutes metro ride away outside of the center of Madrid in a neighborhood called Vicálvaro. The campus was nice and small had two restaurants where we usually worked after the classes.

I think the main difference in studying there was the courses. At Madrid the courses were more practical and more focused in one subject like marketing or microeconomics. In TAMK our courses feel more like there are lots of subjects in one course and its harder to keep track what the studies are actually about. So I kind of preferred the way in Madrid because it felt that I learned a lot more.

Hola a todos! Hello everyone!

I have been on my exchange in Madrid since the late August. Madrid is definitely a busy, lively city where the tapas culture is shining and people like going out. No matter what is the weather or day of the week, the main street Gran Vía is always packed and shops and pubs open until late.



My studies here have been both business and tourism courses. The tourism courses were completely independent studying and doing research, and we didn’t have any lessons.  The business courses were more traditional, theoretical learning and going to classes.

Studying in Madrid compared to my home university TAMK is different. First of all, no teacher has an attendance list and they say it is up to us if we want to attend the lessons or not. It has no effect on the final grade, the only thing that matters is to study the theory and pass the exam. Teaching was very theoretical and mainly the teacher was talking and students listening. We rarely had any discussions in the class.

Anyway, there still was something that reminded me of TAMK very much, group works. For example on Commercial Management course we had to create our own product and make a sales plan for it. The other students had to vote for the best presentation but still one month later we don’t know who won. But it’s usual here that things happen on a great delay.


Especially in September and October, when school was not busy at all, I had a lot of time to travel around Spain. One of the best memories is when we hired a car with some other exchange students and drove down to Costa del Sol which is a 150 km long coast in the south of Spain. We visited several beautiful beaches and amazing cities on the way. I have also visited a couple of other countries as well, like the Netherlands and Switzerland. It is so nice that many of my friends are on their exchange as well and it’s easy to go to visit them!

Spain – not just eternal summer!

Welcome to Oviedo, Asturias!

The north is reasonably characterized as the most beautiful area of Spain. Going upwards from Madrid, whether in train or bus, the flat and dry scenery slowly turns into green and flourishing mountain view, taking your breath away. Not surprisingly, on the northern area you can find numerous natural and national parks full of amazing hiking routes with gorgeous views. Not to mention the gorgeous coastline, for nature lover this is a paradise. I am lucky to have been able to see the beauty of the world in many forms, but it keeps surprising me all the time with its variety.




First days in the beginning of September were warm, and overall the autumn has been nicely warm and sunny – nice change for the darkening and rainy Finland! But time is definitely flying, and now in November the climate has already been reminding that we are in the northern part of the country, mornings are chillier and mountains have got their beautiful snow layer on their tops. Anyhow, during daytime it gets warmer, and darkness is not going to reach the Finland level!


Enough of the nature, even I could show millions of pictures of it. Studying is the reason I am here experiencing all of this. The study routine here is something I have had to work on to get used to. To get the required points, I only need to complete three courses here. It sounds like nothing, but definitely it is not all about lying down and relaxing here. Courses hold a lot of information inside, and if you want to avoid ending up in front of a massive pile of work during your Christmas holidays it is better to keep reviewing the topics gone through on lectures at least every now and then! The content in one course can be significant and there is a lot to digest. However, I have not noticed any significant differences between the teaching styles here and in Finland. There are as many styles as there are teachers, and there are as many different kind of course contents as there are different institutions.


Anyway, due to the minimized amount of courses, a big part of the day is left for individual work and studying to work on the content – or some other activities. The nature around offers a chance for peaceful walks, each of them differentiating from each other. And if the surroundings of my own town are not enough anymore, the good transportation connections give the possibility to explore a bit more far too. In addition to independently organized trips, exchange organisations, such as AEGEE and ESN organize different kind of trips around and leave you out of planning and additional costs. Several kind of weekly and more specialized events, such as tapas nights or national holidays, offer also activities for the ones seeking something to do besides studying.

Uniting with your friends and getting into the culture is something I have enjoyed the most. By these experiences my way of viewing the world is a bit wider again, and if something, at least the language skills are improving day by day since English is something you hear only in the school!


Many experiences behind, hopefully a lot more to come!

Hola a todos!

I have spent now almost two months studying in Spain Barcelona. I have truly enjoyed my time here and this city, and now I can share a little something about this place with you!

Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya and Catalan people are really proud of their heritage and they see themselves as Catalans, not Spanish. Catalans have their own language, traditions and culture. This is truly an important thing to know when living or traveling here. Catalan people usually speak also Spanish fluently but Catalan is their first choice of language, and locals really appreciate if you know even few words of it. So, here in Barcelona you get to know both Spanish and Catalan culture! On top of this, Barcelona is really international city with people all over the world living here. This helps if you are not that keen on learning Spanish. In most places you can survive with English too. I have been traveling also outside of Barcelona and there most people don’t speak English at all.

Catalan traditions
Palm tree

I feel like Barcelona is a perfect place to stay for Erasmus, because it is a city that truly has everything. It has lot of different areas and neighborhoods with different atmospheres, it has a sandy beach and ocean and mountains, it is not too expensive and of course the weather is perfect for escaping the Finnish winter! You can still spend the days outside wearing only a T shirt. I have spent my free time here hiking on mountains, checking different beaches, eating traditional Spanish tapas and exploring the big city with all it’s different opportunities.

Barcelona from a viewpoint
Beach life

My school Euncet is located 22 km outside of Barcelona in a city called Terrassa. I have to take the train to school three times a week, but the connections are really good and it only takes 40 minutes. Our school is a small private business school and I study marketing, digital laws and human resources management. The school here is really “school like” and teachers are strict about attendance and homework etc. Coming from Finland and especially from Proakatemia, it almost feels like going back to high school. Anyway the courses are interesting and I managed to get all my courses in English (not a sure thing in Spain..) so I am overall really happy with my studies here.

Hasta luego!
Noora Luttinen

Greetings from Spain!

I am doing my exchange in Oviedo, which is a historical city in Northern Spain. So far I have really liked it here. The old part of town (next to which I live) is very beautiful and full of life. Especially since I arrived here just before San Mateo, the biggest party week of the year that has originally been established for the Saint of the city.

naranco facultycity

Oviedo is about the same size as Tampere, but because most of the people here live in the center area, it seems bigger. The town is surrounded by small mountains and I went hiking there last week. The view from the top was awesome and it was good exercise to climb up there as well.

I have made lots of friends during my first two weeks here. I mainly spent my time with local people, but also with other exchange students from the erasmus network. I also managed to find a room in a shared flat with locals and they are really nice guys and we get along very well.

My campus is located a couple of kilometers from my flat and it is a nice place where we also have good facilities for doing sports. The courses that I am taking are very similar to the ones we have at TAMK, so they include lots of groupwork and other practical ways of studying. Registering to the school was a bit hard because even though I knew some Spanish when I came here, it was hard to get all the official things sorted out because in here people (except some youngsters and couple of the professors) do not normally speak English at all, and because of that I have already learnt a lot of Spanish since I have to use it daily.

After a great start I am really looking forward for the rest of my stay in Spain.

Hola! Que tal?

Greetings from vibrant Madrid!

The wine is cheap, food is tasty, people are friendly and the weather is nice – perfect, huh?

I have enjoyed my stay in Madrid for almost a year, first for the Erasmus period and now for the internship. My internship in a startup has been fast-paced and interesting, mostly because of my workmates who are bubbly and professional.


The people of Madrid are friendly and fashionable. I would say Madrid is one of the main fashion destinations in Europe, partly because of birthing the world’s biggest fashion retail company with its several different brands.

I will truly miss the casual strolls in Parque Retiro, walking by amazing sites every day, great food (lots of it!) and flavor-rich wines… I think I will return here one day. (Spanish guys

Hasta pronto!


Saludos desde Madrid

IMG_20160515_160808 IMG_20160312_153105Madrid is the perfect capital: big but not huge, cosmopolitan, dynamic, warm. (Well warm is debatable when I leave for the hospital early in the morning!). It has an interesting history, and it always fascinates me to think how old the squares and streets that I visit are, some are almost the same as when Napoleon’s soldiers arrived in the early 19th Century. !). It is full of bars, perfect for sitting and chatting and soaking in the sun.
Another great thing about Madrid, it that the access to the country side is very easy. The mountains surrounding Madrid are stunning. Many hikes start from small villages, like Manzanares el Real or El Escorial that can boast beautifully preserved castles. Over the years, the Manzanares River has been mocked by many famous writers. It does not have the imposing majesty of the Seine in Paris or the use of the Thames in London, but in summer, when the temperatures soar, it is very nice to catch the bus north out of town and spend the day on the banks on the river when it is still narrow and fast-moving in the mountains, and even go in for a swim.
At the same time, I am really interested by the health care work in the two wards I have been to. There is a definite difference in culture: one of the first mornings there, I was quietly going around the room taking blood pressure and heart rates and such, when I heard a lot of very loud voices. My curiosity had the best of me and I went to investigate. There was a nursing aid, armed with a basin of warm water, soap and towels, having a great, animated discussion with the patient about whether the best soccer team is Real Madrid or el Atletico?! Everybody was laughing: the other student nurse and the second patient could not help but point out the score form the last match. It is true that when there is an important match and the TV signal fails, we know the score just by listening to the shouts from bars across the street.
The last thing that I have to say is : I am a total convert to the Spanish way of life: work to play.

Te quiero Barcelona

rannalla ruoka beach casa batllo el barrio gotico kauppahalli

I’m studying as an exchange student in Barcelona, in Universitat Pompeu Fabra and I’m studying audiovisual communication. The university is huge and there are many campuses all over the city. I have courses on different campuses. When I first arrived here took some courses on the local, Catalonian, culture and I think it was very useful. Also I chose language courses and courses of my own field. I think language is a good way to learn about the culture. When I came here I didn’t speak the language but it’s getting easier. My audiovisual narrative course is in Catalan, which I didn´t speak at first so that is a challenge for me! But I believe, I will be able to pass the course. I´m a bit scared though.


On my free time I’ve been exploring Barcelona. I’ve been hanging out with friends, had some good food and really good mojitos in Rosa Negra. I’ve seen the beautiful architecture of Gaudi and the sunny beach. The atmosphere of the city is very laid back. There are so many beautiful things to see in Barcelona. Sagrada Familia is very beautiful I loved the Montserrat mountain and not very far away from Barcelona there is the museum of Salvador Dali which is very interesting.


I’ve met very good friends in here and I just love how international everything is. I have met people from all over the world. It’s nice to have classes with people from the other side of the planet, you learn so much!


I love Barcelona!

Hola y saludos desde España!

I do my internship in south Spain, in Benalmádena. This city is new for me, so I have never been here before. I have been two years ago in this area “Costa del Sol”, but this is first time in this city (Benalmádena).  I have been here two months and I have left one month.


I’m working in a small real estate agency / apartment hotel. The company sells and rent apartment. I take care of the rental.  This company is Finnish, but we have international customers, for example from Marocco, United Kingdom, Ireland and from Spain. All of our employees are Finnish and our working languages are Finnish, English and Spanish.

My working hours are from Monday to Friday, when this reception/office is open. So every weekend I have free. My job is very varied. For example, I take care of reservations by e-mail and by phone. Of course someday we will have customers also in the office to ask for available apartments. I check the state of the apartments, I clean someday and I add the apartments/villas to internet to our website.

Like I said earlier I have every weekend free and of course every evening, so I have quite much time to spend spare time. And because I’m in Spain I go very often to the beach and relax there. And some day here is so hot (+35 – +45°C), so I can’t do like anything, then swimming in the sea is the only option. I have visited the nearby towns, in Fuengirola, in Malaga and in Marbella. I did in one weekend also on excursion to Gibraltar, there takes time by bus about 2,5 hours.


I have really enjoyed time here. This life is so much different than in Finland. In summer time here is always warm and sunny. Here is very good food, friendly people and always something to do. Here is a beautiful landscape, nice sights and a wonderful sea.

Under the sun of beautiful Barcelona


barcelona 229barcelona 2 161


barcelona 2 302

I’m doing my event planning internship in Barcelona Spain.

The company is a media company that supplies different business solutions for its clients: online marketing/SEO, advertasing giant products and services for events, recruitment and training and website and multimedia creation. The company forms a group of companies with headquarters in Barcelona and they collaborate with marketing agencies, events agencies, communication agencies, hotels, restaurants, erasmus students, audiovisual companies and tv production companies. Our office is international so it is a great opportunity to work in a multicultural team and meet people all over the world.


Some of my company’s pics of the events

dpoint mustaevent blog 6eventtaikuri blogievent blog 5

So far I have done general tasks which are given to all interns, such as online marketing and blogging. I have been planning and creating social media campaigns, translated emails and created powerpoints of company’s services which will be sent to our clients in diffrent countries. At the same I have familiarised myself with all the services the company provides to clients. The company will participate in a big international congress which is arranged in February 2017 in Barcelona. The planning and arrangements for the congress have already started.

The rest of my internship I will be part of creating new events for our clients  in our venue and outdoor, conferences, sport events etc. I will also manage the existing requests of services for events that the company usually have.

I’m working part time, so I have a plenty of time to explore this amazing city and have a summer holiday at the same. Part time internship was hard to find but worth of all the effort.

barcelona 2 181 barcelona 2 111

I’m not travelling alone, I have my seven year old dauhgter with me. Working part time gives a great chance to balance the daily life and routines with work and to provide  my daughter to have her holiday as well. My daughter has a native english and spanish speaking nanny so my daughter has learned English really well.

barcelona 065 barcelona 063

We have enjoyed to live here. Our flat is in nice and quiet local area but still only 20 minutes away from the beach and the sight seeings. We live in the middle of Catalan culture so it has been such a great opportunity to improve my Spanish communicating with people in the local shops and restaurants. People are so open-minded, friendly and social. There is always something to talk about with strangers.

I’m coeliac but it hasn’t been a problem here at all.  I first thought it will be challenging to find suitable food for me but even in our local little grocery store had gluten free products available.

Gluten free and lactose free cakes

Gluten free and dairy free cakesbarcelona 2 033

We have visited so many interesting places, parks and sights, been on the beach and tasted local food. We are planning to make day trips outside Barcelona to Costa Brava and Montserrat.

I’m so happy to have two more months to live in this beautiful city which is full of opportunities!