If countries were named after the words, England would have to be called “Mars on the Earth”

Hello travelers, learners and interns! Current blog article represents my British life in miniature. I’m going to tell you what I’ve done so far, what I’ve seen, whom I’ve met and how do I feel in the “country of rain”. I settle down in Milton Keynes, the cozy paradise in Buckinghamshire, England. “Mars on the Earth”, I mean it. English culture, people, life style, accent, vision is driving crazy everyone from abroad.

First of all, let me introduce my company – Anglo Baltic News. Anglo Baltic News is the media company which was founded in UK 4 years ago. Proudly saying, ABN is the only newspaper for Latvians living in the UK and offers a news portal with availability for readers of Latvian, Russian and English versions. Even though ABN is a relatively new company on the media market, with its potential and successful growth we reached 40000 readers of newspaper, 1500 followers on Facebook and 1600 group members on the social portal draugiem.lv. Currently ABN is progressively becoming a multifunctional business platform with its strategic plans for the forthcoming period.


This’s my boss in his glory. Lauris is an outstanding expert in the field of marketing, promotion, sales and public relations which make me absorb new information every day. By a strange quirk of fate, we became close friends and colleagues entirely devoted to ABN. We both stand for success of developing business. We complement each other: years of experience and a fresh view.

I would like to say that Anglo Baltic News is more than just a monthly newspaper and website, ABN has a meaningful message to connect locals, to infuse spirit into beginners and show their potential to our readers and customers. Public relations formulate the foundation of ABN goals.

I play a significant role in this mission. Being a sales and marketing assistant of ABN, I constantly keep in touch with our customers, update Russian news portal, maintain company’s Facebook page, send commercial offers to potential partners, negotiate the price for advertorials on our website and newspaper, compose business plan and future development model, perform simple accounting procedure, create presentations for business meetings etc. I found it extremely applicable for my career path because it’s exactly what I’m planning to do in the future.

Talking about my personal life abroad, it’s pretty much the same as it was before. I have a schedule, I’m doing sports, I’m hanging out with new friends. I’d like to admit that British youngsters seem to be cosmic people, aliens, strangers! British aliens (that’s how I call local youngsters) made me realize that everything is possible and there’re no barriers which can stop me from chasing my dreams. I really enjoy cultural aspects of English people including traditional English breakfast, chip chats before business talks, playing board games when it’s raining, talking about science etc. Their life style, fashion, thinking is some sort of example for imitation.  Their intellectual level is high and interests are multifarious. I’m learning from them a lot on a daily basis.  We’ve got amazing vibes in our team. Well… I still have to travel and learn several new things till the end of my internship, my summer adventure, my British cosmic world…

Yuliya Nesterenko, International Business Programme, TAMK

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