Nice is nice!

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I will study the next semester in IPAG Business School in Nice, France. I’m studying here international marketing, international management, French language and French culture. Total for 24 credits. I have school in four days in a week, from monday to thursday. I don’t have a long days and I can go home in a middle of the day and have luch or a nap because I live right next to the school. But sometimes school can last until 20.00 in the evening. Teachers are very nice and school is not too hard, so I like it here so far!

Nice is a beautiful place and I love to photograph so I  never get bored. Usually we travel or hang out in the beach with other students. Also I need to do my homeworks and there is a lot of presentations in every course. I like to go to market for shopping or just walk around in the old part of Nice.

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