Exploring the Beautiful Emerald Isle


I have been in Dublin, Ireland for almost two months now. I truly have to say that I have enjoyed my time over here. I was imagining it to rain all the time over here, but luckily I was wrong and the autumn has been quite dry and warm. At least it has been warm for me, but some of my friends from South Europe are freezing already even though it is still almost over here.

River Liffey in Dublin

My studies have started just fine over here. In Dublin, I study Environmental management in Dublin Institute of Technology. I do not have much course work to do for my studies, because I somehow managed to pick the kind of courses that do not require doing that many assignments. In TAMK, we get assignments much more often than over here.

Dublin Institute of Technology from inside

It took a while to get used to the Irish accent. In the beginning, it was sometimes difficult to understand people. I am very glad that any of my lecturers do not have very thick accent. It does not matter if I am slightly confused on my everyday life, but I would like to understand in the lectures.


On my spare time and weekends, I have tried to see as much of Dublin and other places in Ireland as it is possible. It would be shame to go back home without seeing more of Ireland than just Dublin. Dublin is a nice and friendly buzzing city in Ireland. Even though it is a big city, people are really friendly and helpful. I used to be quite lost during my first week and there was always someone, who showed me the right direction. I have grown to like Dublin quite much and it already feels like home.

Northern Ireland
Lovely house in Adare



I will continue enjoying Ireland as an exchange student and hoping that the rains will not start any time soon. Cheers!

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