Ach so!

Oh and the time flies they say and yes it does. At the beginning, we had a two week intensive German language course. I have to say it was good way to get started on the language but also on getting know some of the other exchange students.

Out of all the exchange students, me and couple of others  are lucky as our lectures are taught in English. This, of course doesn’t help much with my language studies but at least I know what they talking about (since my German isn’t that great).

My days are pretty much the same, I study, go to the gym and spend some time hanging out with the exchange students cooking and visiting nearby cities. Our lectures have only few people and for some reason it had taken some time to get to know some locals.


Good thing is that the food is cheaper and life in general seems to be a bit more cheaper than in Finland and people are kind and really helpful and life is going well 🙂

I can’t wait to see the Christmas markets! I’ve heard they are pretty amazing here!


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