Land of consonants

I’m studying civil engineering at West Pomerian University of Technology. University is located in city of Szczecin in North West Poland. Szczecin is the fourth biggest city in Poland, it is almost same sized with Helsinki. Szczecins round shaped center remind little the center of Hamina.

Szczecin centrum

I came to Szczecin 27th of September and the academic year in our University started on 1th of October.  Before I came here I traveled one month in Europe.  It was good time to have little intensive course of English before starting studies in Poland. Here in Poland it is harder to improve your English because there are few people who speak properly. Most of exchange students come from Spain or Turkey. Usually Spanish and Turkish guys speak just their own language and it is quite hard to have conversation with them.  So probably Szczecin is not best place to improve your English skills.

Szczecin central railway station

School has started and I learned that studying here is pretty different than in Finland. I study in class called European engineer  where are  also Polish and exchange students. Most of lectures are in English but some are in Polish and i had to do some special arrangements. The level of teaching varies lot and some of courses are quite thin and poor.  Fortunately there is few good teachers and courses.

Polish architecture

– Juha

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