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xin chào from Vietnam!

xin chào!! /Hello!!

I have been living in Vietnam almost three moths now, and I just love this country and these people here! I live in Hanoi which is the capital city of Vietnam. Traffic here is insane!! But after two weeks living here I learned how to drive a motorbike and now i founded that it is easier to drive a motorbike here than walk.

Vietnamese people are very kind and helpful population. Vietnam is still quite untouched tourist destination so Vietnamese people like to teach Vietnamese to tourist and learn English at the same time. If you go to have a walk near Hoam Kiem lake it´s very usual that some Vietnamese come and ask, can they show the city for you and maybe they can learn English at the same time from you. IMG_7861[1]

I have been working in the hostel called Vietnambackpacker hostel. So I´m having my internship here. I like my work here because it is very relaxed and good way to get know lots of new people. I heard so many amazing stories about where everyone have been during their travels , and after my internship I will follow those stories and travel by myself around Asia. 🙂   IMG_7899[1]IMG_7864[1]


-Ellu 🙂


Working experience in a new environment

I spent three months in my home country Vietnam. This is my first time spending  a lot of time in Vietnam and I did practical training there, which is very exciting and interesting .  I heard a lot from my cousins how is going to working in Vietnam environment, they just said about the negatives things about it, so it makes me more curious.

My tasks is to contact customer, making contract, maintenance databases….

This is my practical training placement. The company is supplying the granite stone to the luxury villas.  It looks like a house. The office locate in the third floor, the first and the second floor is a granite stone showroom.


This is granite stone


This is inside the company


+ Bonus 🙂

Vietnam traffic


2085985699_2e2ebd5245_z OH MY GOD !!!!!




Versatile trip to Belgium

Hello from Belgium!

I have been in Oostende, Belgium, about 3 months. I have seen many different weathers, places, people, educational stuff, sights etc. It has all been really nice and time here has been going way too quickly. Construction engineering has only been taught here in Vives University college for three years. My courses mainly consists from different projects and all of them are with different classes (1,2 and 3 year students). So I have met a lot of local students. It took a while to them to relax and approach us (me and my classmate from Finland) but people in here are really friendly so getting to know them wasn’t a problem. Because this field of study is new they don’t provide so much courses in english but because this school is quite small everything can easily be arranged with teachers.

Photo 10.10.2014 9.11.52
visiting construction site
Photo 13.9.2014 19.35.34
Photo 15.11.2014 16.07.16
Photo 12.10.2014 13.01.10
Photo 21.9.2014 13.20.02
2014-11-04 22.19.17


I have made some really good friends with other exchange students. There isn’t much of us in Oostende but we have joined together with exchange students in Bruges. It has been grate to get to know them, their languages, cultures etc. We have been traveling a lot because it’s cheaper in here and there is so much beautiful places to go. Until now we have been in Bruges, Gent, Brussels, Luxembourg, Dortmund, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Also there is much places we have seen when going through some cities. The day after tomorrow we are going to Morocco and we also have plans for going to London and Antwerpen. Time between school and traveling is mainly spent by going to the gym, shopping and hanging out with friends.




Cardiff and the lovely Welsh people

I came to Cardiff in late September. I study in Cardiff University, heath campus and  my practical training took place in the University Hospital of Wales .

This is the University’s library and followed by University Hospital of Wales.

heath campus library I






Welsh people are one of the most friendly and warm-heart people I’ve ever met. Once I got a bit lost on the road and one friendly lady showed me around for almost half an hour.

My little boy and husband came here for 4 weeks and we went sightseeing. Open museum of Saint Fagans and roath park are truly impressive.WP_20141019_001 Roath park

I live with my friend in a house with her family and three other tenants. Typical English houses are like this.WP_20141103_074 typical houses in Cardiff


Check out Czech

Ahoj from Czech Republic !

I have been here now over two months and it have been a great time! I have travelled all around Czech with my classmate. And I have been in Prague, the capital city, like over ten times!

Cesky Krumlov

I study film industry in the small city called Písek. Our school is also kind of small and there is only film studies. In the international class we have only seven people! It’s not much but I think it is nice because everyone knows each others. Also teachers have more time to focus on each student. I have learned some things which I had no possibility to learn in the TAMK like dubbing and more about scriptwriting and producing.

In spare time we spend in pubs drinking beer and seeing other students. There is not so much to do in Písek so usually in the weekends we have travelled around. I have seen for example Barrandov studios in Prague, the spatown Karlovy Vary and the beautiful Cesky Krumlov.


We are also planning  to go this week to Dresden in the German and before the Christmas to Budapest in the Hungary.


Ik ben en Zwollenaar

Hello people!

Life has been pretty good in Zwolle, NL the past few weeks. I passed the first period courses with flying colours and good grades! My workload has increased going into the second period, but it’s nothing overwhelming. I’ve now started the courses which I thought would be the most interesting during my exchange, and I was right. These courses are the financial ones, four in total. Business calculations is quite interesting, which is quite self-explanatory. Money & Banking is probably my favourite course this period, focusing on economics.

My fiancé visited me the previous week and I skipped all my classes. Oops? I believe I am absolutely fine though, caught up during the weekend and I was in contact with my groups during the week anyways. Just wanted to spend all my time with her, surely you understand! We visited Amsterdam and had a great time in Zwolle, and at the end of the week something great happened: I scored my first try for RC Zwolle! After the game the team held their traditional first try – traditions… Beer and nudity were involved, but I’ll spare you the details.


That is me trying to earn some cash in Amsterdam Red Light District.. I didn’t do very well.

We are now a month away from Christmas and my first visit back home.. Looking forward to it, but there is still work to do!



Do you like kimchi?

I don’t like kimchi that much. For you to know kimchi is  is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. So basically it’s served everywhere…



Here is example of kimchi.

So I have been studying in Korea in Ajou University three month now. Campus life have been nice, with many other exchange students.

School courses have been going well, but that’s not the most important for me so I’ll tell some other more interesting things I’ve done here.

There is nice football fields and tennis courts in our campus, that I’ve use a lot. I like sports very much  so of course I have done lots of sports in here. Funny thing was that I get to play floorball here, I never though that I could play it here in Korea. I am going to play in tournament next weekend with couple of Finnish friends, it will be so cool.

I have also visited many sport events here. Baseball game with full-crowded stadium, the atmosphere was awesome. I also went to watch many football matches. Interesting sport event was local ice-hockey match. Not even close to ice-hockey in Finland, but it was nice to watch.


From the baseball game at Jamsil Stadium.

I have made many trips here in Korea. One trip was awesome that we took to the east coast of Korea. There was one amazing beach only for surfing, that our told us. We found the place and stayed there for weekend sleeping in tent and surfing. It was nice, because there weren’t any other foreigners than us and only Koreans surfing.


Morning view from our tent at the surfing beach.

Greetings from South Korea


Budapest is the Best?


Greetings from Hungary’s capital Budapest! More precisely from Pest side!

Homestreet near Blaha Lujza ter

I’ve been studying now for two months in Budapest College of Communication and Business (BKF), and so far it has felt great! I also might say, that time goes too fast. I’m a little bit sad for knowing that half of the time is already behind.

I’m having courses that I am not able to select at TAMK, for example marketing, social studies and press studies. Teachers speak very good english, which is great, but it was a bit suprise for me too. I am bit disappointed, because I wasn’t able to choose courses related to my own field.

Luckily I’ve met wonderful people here from around Europe from Poland to Spain. Usually at leisure time we go out for drinks or eat something. We are doing that a lot, because here is so cheap! Museums are nice too. Another nice thing to do here is to just walk around the city and admire all the beautiful historical buildings, which can be seen everywhere. Actually you can’t get bored here, because there is something happening all the time!

Danube from Buda side

And of course I had also went to the most famous and gorgeous baths couple of times!

Szechenyi baths


Greetings from Budapest!



Time flies in Budapest

Hello and greetings from the world’s seventh most beautiful city!


As the old saying goes – time flies when you are having fun – as Im here for only one semester it means sadly my time in Budapest will shortly be drawing to a close.

Budapest has really surprised me. I didn’t know so much about Hungary or Budapest before I came here. In Budapest you can never be bored, it really has proved me that. I think this is the city that never sleeps. No matter what day is it, people here are having fun outside with their friends.

School here has been easier. Im studying in a small University, we have only ~25 Erasmus students. Teacher’s don’t expect much from us. In most of courses we just have to do essay or presentation and hand it to teacher end of semester to pass the course. Only two or three course’s  standards are comparable to Finnish university’s courses. That’s why we have had lot of freetime here and it has made possible us to travel a lot. I have visited in four neighboring state of Hungary.

Hungarian people are really nice. Of course there is some exceptions, but in generally they are polite and thoughtful people. One even invited me to have Sunday lunch with her family, it was unforgettable.


I have really enjoyed my time here in Budapest.