Same everything

I have now been in Lyon for 2,5 months. The time has gone fast and I’m starting to feel a bit sad because “the back to Finland flight” is getting closer and closer. I have really enjoyed my time here because the city is so wonderful and the people I’ve met are really really nice. I am here together with my friend Kristiina who also studies in TAMK. We live together and we have invented this one phrase that describes our life perfectly “same everything”. People in our school even say: “split the Finns”. Our class is very nice and it consists of people from USA, Sweden and France. At first it was quite difficult to get to know these people because they had already bonded beforehand. They all live in a same building and they will spend the next two years together in France, Sweden and USA. But now that we have got to know them better we have had some awesome time. We even got an invitation to Chicago. That trip will probably happen after graduating from TAMK.



The teachers in our school are very nice and professional. For example last week we had a two day Business Ethics course and the teacher William Moore was just so amazing that I’m still getting goose bumps every time I think of the way he taught us. He is a character and I wish every teacher could be like him. He has a common sense and he speaks honestly and straight about things. I am very inspired now and starting to feel like that this education is actually taking me somewhere.

We have also done some weekend trips with Kristiina. We have been in Geneva, Marseille, Annecy and Nice. In Nice we met my mother who came to France with her friend to see us. We had a great hotel with a sea view and we ate the best pepperoni pizza ever! Annecy is a very beautiful city and I recommend it to everyone. It’s not a party place but the scenery is so amazing that you can just sit on the beach of the lake and watch the Alps the whole weekend. I definitely want to go back there, rent a bike and cycle around the lake.20140926_182056

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