Taste of France

Greetings from Lyon, France!  Lyon is the most awesome city I’ve ever visited so far. Very safe but still you can find amazing adventures. City sleeps until noon, and most happenings are in evening time.  Champaign until seven in the morning is normal. Baguettes and croissants are the best I’ve ever tasted…


I’m living here with my friend Sonja, who also studies in TAMK. We’ve been sharing same small apartment and even the same bed for the last 3 months. We do everything together but so far everything has went well. Now it even feels weird being without her somewhere!

How about school then? Well first of all, the atmosphere in our class is so warm and welcoming, students with many different backgrounds but still we are like one big happy family.  This week we had Globalization business ethics lectures by William Moore. Amazing and so inspiring man from the US.  There are no words to describe that man.  Except Thank you Bill Moore for blowing my mind.


Anyways life is treating me very well, (besides little accident with the knife when cutting bread, got to visit ER here in Lyon and it was really interesting.. Nurses who doesn’t speak English and operating rooms straight from the Soviet Union times..)  But, there is still one month left and I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest. Looking forward to spending Christmas in Paris and New Year eve in our regular pub, in the heart of Lyon’s Old Town, with the most awesome local people.

From Lyon with love,



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