Maple Syrup and Moose Kissing

Greetings from the promised land of maple syrup, moose and hockey!

Time flies when one is having fun. I ended up I hoping for a longer exchange already at the beginning of September. Algoma University is located in Sault Ste. Marie which is a friendly border city of 75 000 inhabitants. It’s true what people say about Canadians, they truly are the nicest people I’ve ever met! It helps to study at a small school as everybody knows everybody and it’s fairly easy to make new friends (especially if one happens to have a cute accent, just saying).

I have lectures Monday to Thursday and the workload is about the same as in TAMK. I live a 5-minute walk away from school, in a host family. My Canadian family is amazing and we get along really well (they also have two adorable dogs to cuddle with). I spend most of my free time with friends, working out or going out. There’s never a boring moment!

I’ve done a weekend trip to Toronto with my friends and next destinations are the US and Quebec. I’m planning on getting a practical training placement here and never coming back home… I’m only half joking.


The Magnificent Algoma UniversityCorn Maze

My first ever corn maze. And my Canadian BFFs. Pumpkin

I Know What I Did Last Halloween.Niagara Falls

The Almighty Niagara Falls. 




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