Time flies in Budapest

Hello and greetings from the world’s seventh most beautiful city!


As the old saying goes – time flies when you are having fun – as Im here for only one semester it means sadly my time in Budapest will shortly be drawing to a close.

Budapest has really surprised me. I didn’t know so much about Hungary or Budapest before I came here. In Budapest you can never be bored, it really has proved me that. I think this is the city that never sleeps. No matter what day is it, people here are having fun outside with their friends.

School here has been easier. Im studying in a small University, we have only ~25 Erasmus students. Teacher’s don’t expect much from us. In most of courses we just have to do essay or presentation and hand it to teacher end of semester to pass the course. Only two or three course’s  standards are comparable to Finnish university’s courses. That’s why we have had lot of freetime here and it has made possible us to travel a lot. I have visited in four neighboring state of Hungary.

Hungarian people are really nice. Of course there is some exceptions, but in generally they are polite and thoughtful people. One even invited me to have Sunday lunch with her family, it was unforgettable.


I have really enjoyed my time here in Budapest.



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