Budapest is the Best?


Greetings from Hungary’s capital Budapest! More precisely from Pest side!

Homestreet near Blaha Lujza ter

I’ve been studying now for two months in Budapest College of Communication and Business (BKF), and so far it has felt great! I also might say, that time goes too fast. I’m a little bit sad for knowing that half of the time is already behind.

I’m having courses that I am not able to select at TAMK, for example marketing, social studies and press studies. Teachers speak very good english, which is great, but it was a bit suprise for me too. I am bit disappointed, because I wasn’t able to choose courses related to my own field.

Luckily I’ve met wonderful people here from around Europe from Poland to Spain. Usually at leisure time we go out for drinks or eat something. We are doing that a lot, because here is so cheap! Museums are nice too. Another nice thing to do here is to just walk around the city and admire all the beautiful historical buildings, which can be seen everywhere. Actually you can’t get bored here, because there is something happening all the time!

Danube from Buda side

And of course I had also went to the most famous and gorgeous baths couple of times!

Szechenyi baths


Greetings from Budapest!



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