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Ahoj from Czech Republic !

I have been here now over two months and it have been a great time! I have travelled all around Czech with my classmate. And I have been in Prague, the capital city, like over ten times!

Cesky Krumlov

I study film industry in the small city called Písek. Our school is also kind of small and there is only film studies. In the international class we have only seven people! It’s not much but I think it is nice because everyone knows each others. Also teachers have more time to focus on each student. I have learned some things which I had no possibility to learn in the TAMK like dubbing and more about scriptwriting and producing.

In spare time we spend in pubs drinking beer and seeing other students. There is not so much to do in Písek so usually in the weekends we have travelled around. I have seen for example Barrandov studios in Prague, the spatown Karlovy Vary and the beautiful Cesky Krumlov.


We are also planning  to go this week to Dresden in the German and before the Christmas to Budapest in the Hungary.


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