Do you like kimchi?

I don’t like kimchi that much. For you to know kimchi is  is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. So basically it’s served everywhere…



Here is example of kimchi.

So I have been studying in Korea in Ajou University three month now. Campus life have been nice, with many other exchange students.

School courses have been going well, but that’s not the most important for me so I’ll tell some other more interesting things I’ve done here.

There is nice football fields and tennis courts in our campus, that I’ve use a lot. I like sports very much  so of course I have done lots of sports in here. Funny thing was that I get to play floorball here, I never though that I could play it here in Korea. I am going to play in tournament next weekend with couple of Finnish friends, it will be so cool.

I have also visited many sport events here. Baseball game with full-crowded stadium, the atmosphere was awesome. I also went to watch many football matches. Interesting sport event was local ice-hockey match. Not even close to ice-hockey in Finland, but it was nice to watch.


From the baseball game at Jamsil Stadium.

I have made many trips here in Korea. One trip was awesome that we took to the east coast of Korea. There was one amazing beach only for surfing, that our told us. We found the place and stayed there for weekend sleeping in tent and surfing. It was nice, because there weren’t any other foreigners than us and only Koreans surfing.


Morning view from our tent at the surfing beach.

Greetings from South Korea


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