Ik ben en Zwollenaar

Hello people!

Life has been pretty good in Zwolle, NL the past few weeks. I passed the first period courses with flying colours and good grades! My workload has increased going into the second period, but it’s nothing overwhelming. I’ve now started the courses which I thought would be the most interesting during my exchange, and I was right. These courses are the financial ones, four in total. Business calculations is quite interesting, which is quite self-explanatory. Money & Banking is probably my favourite course this period, focusing on economics.

My fiancé visited me the previous week and I skipped all my classes. Oops? I believe I am absolutely fine though, caught up during the weekend and I was in contact with my groups during the week anyways. Just wanted to spend all my time with her, surely you understand! We visited Amsterdam and had a great time in Zwolle, and at the end of the week something great happened: I scored my first try for RC Zwolle! After the game the team held their traditional first try – traditions… Beer and nudity were involved, but I’ll spare you the details.


That is me trying to earn some cash in Amsterdam Red Light District.. I didn’t do very well.

We are now a month away from Christmas and my first visit back home.. Looking forward to it, but there is still work to do!



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