Versatile trip to Belgium

Hello from Belgium!

I have been in Oostende, Belgium, about 3 months. I have seen many different weathers, places, people, educational stuff, sights etc. It has all been really nice and time here has been going way too quickly. Construction engineering has only been taught here in Vives University college for three years. My courses mainly consists from different projects and all of them are with different classes (1,2 and 3 year students). So I have met a lot of local students. It took a while to them to relax and approach us (me and my classmate from Finland) but people in here are really friendly so getting to know them wasn’t a problem. Because this field of study is new they don’t provide so much courses in english but because this school is quite small everything can easily be arranged with teachers.

Photo 10.10.2014 9.11.52
visiting construction site
Photo 13.9.2014 19.35.34
Photo 15.11.2014 16.07.16
Photo 12.10.2014 13.01.10
Photo 21.9.2014 13.20.02
2014-11-04 22.19.17


I have made some really good friends with other exchange students. There isn’t much of us in Oostende but we have joined together with exchange students in Bruges. It has been grate to get to know them, their languages, cultures etc. We have been traveling a lot because it’s cheaper in here and there is so much beautiful places to go. Until now we have been in Bruges, Gent, Brussels, Luxembourg, Dortmund, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Also there is much places we have seen when going through some cities. The day after tomorrow we are going to Morocco and we also have plans for going to London and Antwerpen. Time between school and traveling is mainly spent by going to the gym, shopping and hanging out with friends.




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