Low lands, high spirits

A language consisting mostly of throat sounds? Weed and stroopwoffels? WHAT?

That’s the tourist version of Netherlands at least. Mine is a little different.

I am studying in the NHL Hogeschool in the city of Leeuwarden. During my exchange period I am doing an minor called Art ‘n Sound and there a path Collegeradio. In practice this means that students in that path are divided into four groups of three people who are doing two hours of internet radio twice a week. In addition to that we do our own marketing and content, including jingles and show content. You can listen the results in collegeradio-lwd.nl.

This is how the magic happens
This is how the magic happens

Outside of school many things can happen. The city itself is quite small, with only about 100,000 people – 1/4 of which are students by the way – so there is a desire to see the other cities. Luckily the railway system is excellent and goes nearly anywhere. I strongly recommend at least the Haague and Rotterdam, as well as Hoek van Holland, Harlingen and Haarlem as well. Why do they all start with the letter h?

The mandatory sing sitting event
The mandatory sing sitting event

But as I mentioned, Leeuwarden is a student city and as such there are many, MANY parties and other events happening all the time. So boredom is almost impossible. The other exchange students are also plenty and they also have many ideas in their hands. I can’t say anything else but come to see them out.

During my studies I have posted a regular video blog series, you can see it all here:


p.s. the language? It is actually quite simple, easier than German, actually.

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