Land of Fire and Ice

I am currently doing last weeks of my exchange here in Reykjavik University in Iceland! Only two weeks and I will be back in Finland!

This far I have climbed on top of mount Esja, visited at Geysers and enjoyed warm waters of blue lagoon. I have of course done other things too, but those were things I decided to mention. Unfortunately I lost most of pictures I took when I was climbing on Esja, but fortunately pictures that I took on top of it are still intact.

After arriving Iceland’s volcanoes started to be more active again, but they haven’t affected Reykjavik at all. It seems that those volcanoes are still active, or at least one of them and lava field has already become as large as 75 km²! For those who are interested about Iceland’s current volcano activity, take a look at following link:

In school it has been rather busy from time to time. There wasn’t much choice with courses and I did chose courses taught in English that seemed like best choices. At first I had time, but then there started to be multiple deadlines for same week for bigger assignments. That was when I started to think that it was much easier in Finland. I had four courses that started in august and ended in November and fifth course is three week long course full days from Monday to Friday.

When I arrived here, I was surprised about lack of trees. There weren’t any forests in sight in Keflavik. Only after arriving to Reykjavik I was able to see some trees, there is small forest beside Reykjavik University, but still, there aren’t many forests in Iceland.

Left, picture from bus when leaving from Keflavik airport. Right, picture from top of mount Esja, it’s possible to see Reykjavik over there.

Language resembles Swedish, but even if I did bought textbook about Icelandic language, I still haven’t found time to learn it. It is possible to understand some words of Icelandic with Swedish language knowledge, but it’s easiest to use English since most of Icelandic people can speak English rather well.

Prices depend much on which store you choose. Cheapest place to buy food is Bonus, but even there meat is expensive. If you don’t want to use many times more money for food buying of meat isn’t a good idea. I once found some cheap bacon that still cost much more than bacon in Finland and I found out that it was far from good bacon I was used to.

Church in Reykjavik. One of the biggest sight-seeings just few hundred meters away from where I had rented room.

Hot water comes straight from the ground and there fore it might smell annoying to some people. I myself think that it smells like boiled eggs.

It took while for snow come down here in Reykjavik. It already snowed once, but it melted on next day. When I visited at Geysers and other things in Golden circle tour I did chose a bad day for tour. On that day weather looked nice in Reykjavik, but when bus drove away from sea it started snowing, there was snow at Geysers and it was freezing at waterfalls. At waterfalls path to waterfalls was snowy and stomped what made it extremely slippery. At least I will remember it well when all people were slowly advancing down for better view.

Now after long wait snow has come and it stays. It’s rather chilly out there at the moment.

Left, geyser and me. That geyser was active and let out boiling water every few minutes. Right, waterfalls, it was freezing out there!

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