Konnichiwa from Japan!

It’s been a very fun, boring, educational, interesting, hot and cold ~2,5 months in the land of the rising sun. My exact location is a small town called Beppu in Oita prefecture. Classes (homework, teaching and contents of classes) at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University are quite similar to TAMK. So far I’ve tackled one case of homesickness and one case of real sickness, so it hasn’t been a very bumpy ride. Beppu is not very vibrant or colorful, but the university and its lovely people are what make me wanna spend more than one semester here. Oh, and the delicious food plus cheap hot spring spas! Oh, did I forget to mention my dorm is next to a sea with a beautiful beach…? Life is treating me well.

Enough of talking, on to the photos…

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